The game in the spotlight of the 2024 edition of the Philosophia festival in Saint-Émilion

The game in the spotlight of the 2024 edition of the Philosophia festival in Saint-Émilion

Due to the Olympic Games, the game is this year in the spotlight at the Philosophia festival in Saint-Émilion. This meeting, of which Le Pèlerin is a partner, invites you to think in a thousand and one ways.

What does the phrase “Play the Game” mean? Is cheating still gambling? Is the game the “I”? And when the stakes are high, is there still play? This last question will be asked to high-level athletes participating in the 17th edition of the Saint-Émilion (Gironde) philosophy festival on the theme of play. Pierre Durant, show jumping rider, gold medalist at the Seoul Olympics in 1988, Igor Latinovic, former Yugoslav alpine skier, and Margot Chevrier, pole vaulter, will exchange views on Friday May 24 in the evening, before round tables, conferences and games of all kinds invade the wine-growing city and some other neighbors (Libourne and Pomerol). And this, in an idyllic setting, for a long weekend of exchanges and discoveries.

“Breaking down the barriers of philosophy, getting academics and practitioners, cultural, political, economic or sporting figures to talk to each other; attract a curious audience, of all ages, children and adolescents included, and not just philosophy teachers”: this is the ambition of the festival, summarized by its president since 2020, the writer, essayist and philosophy professor Mazarine Pingeot. And this year’s theme lends itself perfectly to this decompartmentalization. “What concepts are hidden behind the word “game”? asks the philosopher. There are in fact different ways of approaching this term, which correspond to various fields. The game harkens back to childhood, of course. Language and word games permeate literature and psychoanalysis. The game of love takes its place in the domain of the intimate, of ethics. The actor's performance opens up the field of possibilities…” To think about it, nearly 40 prestigious guests will stroll among the vines.

Escaping with Plato

Thus, the novelist Marie NDiaye and the journalist Nicolas Espitalier, author of the collection The slightest spark, will play with words in literature. Nathalie Sarthou-Lajus, from the magazine Studies, and the writer Alexis Jenni will discuss love games. Jacques Attali, closing, will offer a reflection on virtual gaming. “Is the company playing the game? » will ask a sporting and economic arena, while philosophy students will invite festival-goers to participate in an “escape game” echoing the myth of Plato's cave: the answers will be the lights that help to emerge from the darkness .

Your weekly, a partner of the festival, is organizing a writing competition for its readers and, on site, will offer an eloquence lesson followed by an oratory contest. That's for sure, with Philosophia and Pilgrim, It’s definitely worth it!

The Pilgrim at Philosophia

Handling words, a combat sport… Around this idea, our journalist Muriel Fauriat will host a meeting in three stages:

  • Reading texts from Le Pèlerin readers on their “best games”.
  • Lesson in eloquence by Bertrand Périer
  • Oratorical joust by two winners of Eloquentia Bordeaux

Born in 2012, the Eloquentia program aims to encourage young people to express themselves orally and to gain self-confidence, through training and eloquence competitions. It currently concerns eight centers in France, and is exported to Africa and Canada. We are pleased to welcome:

Join us on Sunday, May 26, at 3:30 p.m., Salle des Dominicains in Saint-Émilion.

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