Le nombre magique que vous devez faire entrer dans votre vie

The magic number you need to bring into your life

Do you know which number brings the most happiness?

It’s not the 7, as you might think…

No, it is the number 108.

Why 108?

108 is a sacred number in several Eastern religions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, the three digits, which compose it, representing the void (0), the consciousness of god (1), and the infinite ( 8).

It also represents:
– the 108 ordeals that the Buddha underwent to reach enlightenment
– the 108 names of the Buddha
– The 108 repetitions necessary for the “Gayatri matra” (mantra of peace)
– the 108 names of the Buddha
– The 108 mudra (ritual gestures) in Tantra.
– The 108 asanas (postures) in Yoga.

And you know what ?

This is exactly why the Buddhist rosaries (mala) created by Buddhist monks have exactly 108 beads.

Because every time they recite their mantras, they put a bead aside.

And that they have to repeat their mantra 108 times.

Basically, this practice allowed them to count their repetition.

But then it became a tradition.

Because they realized that it brought them happiness, that they were calmer and that it attracted abundance in their life.

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