the Pessac mosque once again targeted by racist tags

the Pessac mosque once again targeted by racist tags

Several left-wing political leaders denounced Wednesday, November 15, the “hatred against Muslims” and the ” racism “after threatening tags targeted a mosque in Pessac, in the Bordeaux suburbs, at the beginning of November.

The day before, the president of the association which manages this place of worship, Abdourahmane Ridouane, had denounced a “abject death threat from the fascist against the faithful of the Pessac mosque”by broadcasting a photo of a tag – “your coffins or your suitcases” – registered on the gates of the place during the night of November 5.

“Climate of hatred”

“This is the fourth time in two years” that this mosque is targeted in this way, Abdourahmane Ridouane underlined on Wednesday, denouncing a “climate of hatred which feeds on all controversies about Islam and Muslims”.

“For the 4e time, the Pessac mosque was desecrated. Fourth time. How many Islamophobic attacks? How many unpunished? Places and freedom of worship must be respected and protected. It is the guarantee of secularism of the rule of law”reacted on X (formerly Twitter) Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the leader of La France insoumise.

“Our fellow Muslims ALSO are in danger. Is it so hard to recognize? »added LFI deputy David Guiraud. “Abject. The Pessac mosque is still subject to threats and racism against our Muslim compatriots”for his part declared LFI deputy François Ruffin.

“Don’t let anything pass”

Among the socialists, deputy Jérôme Guedj called “faced with manifestations of hatred against Muslims, let nothing pass”. ” Intolerable. Inadmissible. The extreme right in his works”, also denounced the first secretary of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure.

The Pessac mosque had previously been targeted by hateful inscriptions last March, as well as in October 2022 with tags calling for a “nationalist revenge” and to obtain “justice for Lola”, a 12-year-old schoolgirl killed in Paris by an Algerian national. Complaints were filed each time, according to the head of this mosque.

Its temporary closure in 2022 by the authorities, who suspected it of broadcasting “a Salafist ideology”had been canceled by the administrative court then the Council of State.

This act of hostility towards Muslims is not isolated. The president of the Croix-Rousse mosque, the oldest in Lyon, will file a complaint after the discovery of an Islamophobic tag on the entrance wall of the place of worship on Wednesday noon, announced yesterday Le Figaro.

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