Tips, ideas, inspirations: How to set up a prayer corner for children

Tips, ideas, inspirations: How to set up a prayer corner for children

1. Find the perfect location

On the bedside table, a windowsill, or a small table in the living room? Alone in his bedroom or in the living room? Start by finding the place where your child can gather. For him to be independent in his approach, opt for furniture adapted to his size. You can simply dress a small stool with a fabric and arrange a few objects on it.

2. Choose the decoration

Decorate the prayer corner with a base of common colors and objects that your child enjoys. By choosing the elements, your child creates a space that looks like him and in which he feels good. You can also build a prayer box that your child can draw from. It is possible to make it yourself by customizing it or to find one in bookstores like the one in the photo.

3. Go through the game

Play is a fun way to awaken your child to faith. Playmobil, Schleich, and other figurines that populate children’s rooms can easily find their place in the prayer corner. For example, you can recreate highlights from the liturgical calendar.

4. A handmade prayer corner

If you like manual activities, why not make your own characters and sets? Bring paper, scissors, colored pencils, scraps of fabric and even some self-hardening modeling clay.

5. Think about your walls!

The cross reveals the infinite love of Jesus Christ who sacrificed himself for humanity. Sign of recognition between Christians, it reminds us of our baptism. Also, adorning a section of the wall with a cross is a simple way of offering your child a chance to reflect at the beginning of his spiritual life. Sober or colorful, it will easily blend into your interior.

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