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The Lyon town hall (green) has banned advertising for a book describing the “trans” phenomenon. This book is called “transmania”.
Below is the article from “Lyonmag”. Reader comments are worth reading. Also, under the link, the presentation of the book.

The link: https://www.lyonmag.com/article/135689/publicite-pour-le-livre-enquete-transmania-la-mairie-de-lyon-obtient-le-retrait-des-annonces

Presentation of the book:

Welcome to a world where Robert becomes Catherine

“Pregnant man”, “non-binary”, “heal”, “change sex”, “born in the wrong body”, “transgender”, these terms invade our daily lives. Trans here, trans there, everywhere it’s transmania!

In France, it is possible to be legally recognized as a woman while having a penis. Men calling themselves women win women's sports competitions in the utmost calm. Hospitals carry out medical experiments on children with the aim of making them “change sex”. And any unbeliever who mentions the gender binary is dragged through the mud.

We are going to tell you the story of one of the biggest conceptual heists of the century: transgender ideology is infiltrating all spheres of society. It presents itself as a simple movement for the rights of an oppressed minority, yet, behind the glitter, lies a harmful political project which is about to disrupt our relationship with reality…

Dora Moutot is a journalist, author of À fleur de pet and Mâle Baisés, and community creator. Marguerite Stern is ex-Femen and podcast producer.

After years of work, targets of all pressure, they signed an in-depth investigation into the excesses of transgender ideology.

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