Which personality on the next 20 euro note?  The response of 7 candidates

Which personality on the next 20 euro note? The response of 7 candidates

“The personality they would choose to appear on the next 20 euro note if they are elected?” : 7 candidates for the European elections answer the question.

François-Xavier Bellamy, The Republicans

“Franz Jägerstätter, an Austrian peasant executed for refusing to swear an oath to Hitler. I discovered him through the moving film dedicated to him by Terrence Malick, A hidden life. He is a figure of freedom of conscience from whom Europe should draw inspiration today.”

Marie Toussaint, Europe ecology-The Greens

“Greta Thunberg. This young woman succeeded in launching a European and global mobilization. She is a figure of youth, tenacity and the rightness of a fight for the future.”

Jordan Bardella, National Rally

“We would be honored to include Marie Curie. Franco-Polish and double Nobel Prize winner, her discoveries helped bring France and Europe into a new era of progress in the fields of science, energy and of medicine.”

Valérie Hayer, Renaissance

“I saw that “European culture” had been acclaimed during the major consultation organized by Christine Lagarde. I am delighted because I am convinced that there is a European culture, and I also believe that the hardest part will be choosing among all the possibilities that this choice offers!”

Marion Maréchal, Reconquest!

“Now that the British have left us, perhaps we could put Saint Joan of Arc? More seriously, I would lean towards Pope John Paul II. Beyond his magisterium, he left his mark on history by taking a decisive part in the fall of communism and the liberation of our brothers in Central and Eastern Europe.”

Raphaël Glucksmann, PS-Public square

“Louise Weiss, perhaps. She is an extraordinary woman who has worked a lot for Europe. She first became involved in the 1930s for women's rights, and in particular their right to vote. After having saved political opponents and Jews during the Second World War, and joined the Resistance, she was elected to the European Parliament in 1979 and constantly called on all Europeans to unite on the basis of a common culture and not only shared economic interests Or Vaclav Havel, writer, dissident and then Czech president, great figure of European humanism and of a Central Europe which was captive for so long.

Manon Aubry, La France Insoumise

“I would like to see Gisèle Halimi, lawyer and humanist and feminist activist there. Of course, she is known for her fight in favor of the right to abortion, but she also bequeathed us a luminous European idea: the clause of Most favored European to harmonize women's rights from above. Many of us still carry this demand!”

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