does Europe have Christian roots?  7 candidates respond to us

does Europe have Christian roots? 7 candidates respond to us

“Does Europe have Christian roots?” : 7 candidates for the European elections answer the question.

François-Xavier Bellamy, The Republicans

“Not just for me! These are the roots of Europe and of the European project; and like all roots, they are what we can draw the sap from to move towards the future.”

Marie Toussaint, Europe ecology-The Greens

“The Pope called on us not to let humanity sink into the Mediterranean. I am not part of a political family that demands a Christian Europe and I do not carry my beliefs as a standard as Jacques Delors said. But if some claim that Europe is a great Christian civilization that must be preserved, so we must listen a little more to the Pope's words when he calls us to help these people in the Mediterranean.”

Jordan Bardella, National Rally

“It is not a question of point of view, it is historical evidence. We must be proud of it, because Christianity has forged our heritage, our vision of Man and our way of life.”

Valérie Hayer, Renaissance

“We Europeans have a common cultural and religious heritage which draws its source from the Judeo-Christian roots of our continent. This does not mean that Europe is uniform in its religious thought. From “the eldest daughter of “Church” as a pioneer of secularism, France does not, for example, have the same relationship with Catholicism as in Poland or even in Italy.”

Marion Maréchal, Reconquest!

“The erect cathedrals, the bell towers, all these chapels, all these calvaries and these oratories present in the largest cities as well as in the smallest hamlets and paths of France and Europe are there to remind us that this is not a opinion, it is a fact. It is not “for me”, it is for the whole world that Europe and Christianity come together. Only Europe seems to have forgotten it… I am in favor of inscription. of our Christian roots in the treaties.”

Raphaël Glucksmann, PS-Public square

“A Christian heritage obviously (and I myself feel the heir when I travel through Europe), but not only. Our identity is multiple. The European Union is a secular political project which is part of the European history and is experienced as the culmination of everything that precedes it and leads to it. The preamble to the Treaty stipulates that the Union is established in “s.'inspiring the cultural, religious and humanist heritage of Europe, from which developed the universal values ​​of the inviolable and inalienable rights of the human person, as well as freedom, democracy, equality and the State by right”. There is no point in introducing more references to roots in such a text.”

Manon Aubry, La France Insoumise

Europe was not born with Christianity and its roots are well over 2000 years old! Should we erase ancient Greece and Rome, the Celtic world, etc.? Europe has the roots of a thousand cultures and numerous religions, that is its wealth, and we must preserve it at all costs through respect for everyone.

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