Duty of humanity


The Philosophia festival, of which Le Pèlerin is a partner, will take place this year from May 24 to 26 in Saint-Émilion (Gironde).

Subject chosen for this edition: “the game”. The opportunity to ask you to participate in a writing competition on this theme. The winning texts will be read during the festival, by the winners themselves or a journalist from Le Pèlerin, before being published on our site. Their reading will open the conference moderated by Muriel Fauriat, journalist at Le Pèlerin, during which lawyer Bertrand Périer will speak on the art of eloquence, before an oratory contest between two winners of the Eloquentia Bordeaux competition.

“How about we play?” » We all have in mind crazy games of bobwhite, wild football tournaments, card games until the end of the night… In 1,000 characters (including spaces) and in the form of your choice, tell the story us a game that particularly marked you and send us your texts before May 17 to the address [email protected]

Your keyboards !

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