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Abandoning Prayer | What there is to know

Prayer is of such importance in Islam that it is the first thing on which we will be judged on the Day of Resurrection. Are we ready to be accountable for our prayer?

Do we pray as our beloved Prophet taught us? And for those who do not pray diligently, do they know what awaits them on the day when the book of our actions is presented to the Lord of the universe? So what about those who have given up on prayer…

The importance of prayer

The prayer is called in Arabic language “as salât” (الصلات), which means in its first sense the invocation in good. In the sense of religious terminology. The salât designates the celebration of the greatness of Allah, which is characterized by specific words and acts, beginning with the takbir and ending with the taslim (salvation). (1)

The prayer was prescribed to the Prophet Muhammad and his entire community during the Night Journey. It is the second pillar of Islam, just behind the attestation of faith.

Prayer is the greatest obligation after Oneness, and it is a act of worship who proclaims the greatness of Allah, a true realization of Tawheed (uniqueness).

Evidence in the Quran

Allah shows us in the Holy Quran several times the importance of prayer and warns us about the seriousness of stopping the prayer:

Allah said: ” Then came generations who abandoned prayer and followed their passions, they will soon encounter hell “. Surah Maryam, verse 59

Allah said: ” So woe to those who pray and who are negligent in their prayers. “. Surah Al Ma’oun, verses 4 and 5

Evidence in the Sunnah

There are many exhortations from the Prophet of Islam on the subject of prayer:

According to Abdallah Ibn Qart, the Prophet said: The first thing on which the servant is judged on the day of resurrection is prayer, if it is good the other acts will be good and if it is not good the other acts will not be good. »

Reported by Tabarani and authenticated by Sheikh Albani in Sahih Targhib n°376

According to Jabir, the Prophet said: Certainly between a man and association and disbelief there is the abandonment of prayer “.

Reported by Muslim in his Sahih No. 82

According to Burayda, the Prophet said: The pact that exists between us and them is prayer; he who abandons it will certainly have disbelieved. “.

Reported by Tirmidhi in his Sunan n°2621

What is the status of one who abandons prayer? (2)

This is a question subject to disagreement among scholars. But it should be known that the majority of the mashaykh are of the opinion that the one who abandons the prayer, whether by laziness or negligence, CANNOT be considered a Muslim! Let us realize! This great sin takes us out of Islam according to this opinion, and only a small number of scholars rule that it is a minor disbelief.

And this majority opinion agrees with the words of ‘Abdullâh Ibn Chaqîq when he said: “ There is no action the abandonment of which was seen as disbelief by the Companions of Allah’s Apostle, except prayer. »

In addition, we refer you to the ahadith and verses of the Quran mentioned previously, which go in this direction. This certainly shows the seriousness of this act. And Allah knows best.

And here, it is not a question of saying that this or that opinion is the most just, but of understanding that the one who abandons prayer has committed a serious act of disobedience.

Abandonment of Prayer: What Punishment

Even before speaking of the punishment that will have to face after his death the one who does not pray, this act will have direct consequences on his life here below. the noble Sheikh Al Fawzanmay Allah be pleased with him, explains that salat has an immense impact on the very behavior of individuals, and quotes this verse (3):

In truth, salat protects us from turpitude and blame. The remembrance of Allah is certainly the greatest. And Allah knows what you do. »

Surah Al ‘Ankabut, verse 45

The Sheykh goes on to remark on the darkness that can be seen appearing on the faces of those who do not pray. deprived of the favor of Allah by neglecting prayer.

Allah said: ” Then came generations who abandoned prayer and followed their passions. They will soon meet Ghaya


Surah Maryam, verse 59

Some scholars say that it is a valley in hell and others that it is an immense and multiplied punishment.

And the evidence is multiple regarding the seriousness of the abandonment of prayer. And if we start from the principle that he who does not pray is then one of the disbelievers. The punishments that await him in the grave as well as in the afterlife are terrifying and numerous, may Allah preserve us from them.

  • He who abandons prayer
  • For those who abandon prayer, the rules are clear:
  • It is forbidden to marry him, and if the marriage has been concluded, then it is void
  • If the person abandons prayer after his marriage, then his wife is forbidden to him and the marriage is annulled.
  • It is not permitted to eat an animal slaughtered by one who does not pray; this meat is therefore unlawful.
  • Mecca is forbidden to him
  • He does not have the right to receive inheritance from his relatives in the event of the death of one of them

When he dies, he will not be washed and there will be no prayer made over him

  1. He will be gathered alongside the disbelievers on the Day of Judgment and will not enter Paradise
  2. And we ask Allah to keep us on the path of the truthful, and to be part of those who love prayer in order to access Paradise by the grace of Allah.
  3. Book “Bulough al maram”, chapter on prayer

Les mérites de la salat et le châtiment réservé à celui qui la délaisse – Sheikh Al-Fawzan id=’5230′)

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