advice from Marcel Rufo

advice from Marcel Rufo

The point of view of Marcel Rufo, child psychiatrist

Simone undoubtedly needs to express repressed emotions throughout her life. The conditions in which his childhood took place, difficult or painful, may explain his long silence. As time passes, she now allows herself to discuss this past with a third party. This allows her to create intimacy with this person whom she now sees regularly. This speech is less engaging than with one's own children, perhaps less marked by affectivity.

Don’t hesitate to remind your mother, Antoine: “Your home help told us that you mentioned a certain memory of your childhood. I would love to be able to talk about it with you. » To help him look back on his childhood, also talk to him about yours, seeking to create bridges: “For my part, I remember moments with you that you could help me make a little more precise … And this situation that I am thinking about, did you experience it too, as a child? »

Your mother doesn't keep you at a distance. She wanted to spare you, canceling the first part of her life for the benefit of her motherhood and her relationship with her children. The time has undoubtedly come for her to calmly approach this subject with you.

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