Anaïs Quemener: “I cultivate optimism”

Anaïs Quemener: “I cultivate optimism”

What is the film about? Anaïs, who is dedicated to you?

Through this documentary, directed by Hélène Hadjiyianni and broadcast on Salomon TV, I wanted to convey the optimism that I cultivate in my work and in my practice of sport. This positive spirit helped me fight the illness. In all simplicity, the report evokes my daily life: at the club, at work and with my loved ones.

What does this film reveal about you?

By looking back at my origins, particularly from Reunion, it highlights all the cultural wealth I benefited from growing up.

The book you could reread a hundred times?

Everest, cancer, life by Gérard Bourrat (Ed. du Cherche Midi). Despite several relapses, this man pursued his dreams and only retained the positive aspects of his journey. Thanks to him, I learned to put things into perspective and I didn’t stop living.

The person who meant the most in your family?

I have a lot of gratitude towards my father. After his divorce, he raised me when I was only 9 years old. When I was diagnosed with cancer at 24, he was present during all my radiotherapy and chemotherapy. He is also my coach and we share the same passion for sport.

A gene you’re happy to have inherited?

My two running grandfathers passed on to me the sense of determination and surpassing oneself. Two values ​​inscribed in my way of being in everyday life.

What cause are you mobilizing for?

I am Casiopeea’s godmother. This association, whose motto is “sport to win”, combines the fight against breast cancer and physical activity, making it possible to reduce the risks of recurrence and maintain social ties.

We offer you an hour of silence; what do you do with it?

I sleep! My pace of life is hectic: at night, I work in the hospital; in the afternoon I train and plan my appointments; On weekends, I often have competitions. But every day, I set aside time for long walks with my dog.

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