“Chance is the plan that God has for us”

“Chance is the plan that God has for us”

Your book is called Incandescent Forever… What is it about?

I talk about my journey full of mishaps. The illnesses of my loved ones, the accident that made me lose my voice, domestic violence, my depression… and I tell you how I got through it!

What gave you the strength to bounce back?

Music, which is my best friend. When I realized that by giving singing lessons I was making people happy, I overcame my setbacks.

What song do you never get tired of listening to?

Show Must Go On, by Queen. His words say that despite the ups and downs, we must hold on to life…

Who in your family meant the most? Bertrand, my father.

He was a postman, and a very music lover. He introduced me to rock and gave me the virus. Thanks to him, I was able to take up the clarinet, the piano, and lyrical singing.

In your home, is there a place that crosses generations?

Of Polish and Italian origins, my parents grew up in the Grand Est. We were going on vacation near Lake Alfeld, in Alsace. I go back as soon as I can.

You are committed against violence against women. And for what other cause?

For hospitalized children. In 2023, I participated in the major Yellow Pieces competition to raise funds to improve their hospitalization conditions. And I regularly respond to invitations from Eux pour them, an association organizing singing lessons and private concerts for them.

The spiritual place where you like to take refuge?

The Mont Saint Michel. I have a special connection with this abbey. She inspires me. Every time I go there, “I have the sun on my nose”, as the title of my album released in 2022 says!

Guardian angel on your shoulder?

Charlotte: an adorable patient who I went to visit in the hospital and who died in 2022, at the age of 20. Before leaving, she made me promise to write my autobiography.

For you Jesus is…

The one who gave men a great lesson in tolerance and altruism. The world today needs to hear this message.

You found your voice, as if by chance. Do you believe in miracles?

Yes ! Chance is the plan that God has for us.

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