Communions, confirmations... 7 meaningful gift ideas for all tastes

Communions, confirmations… 7 meaningful gift ideas for all tastes


Spiritual game designed by Agnès Charlemagne, drawings by Caspar Noyons, graphics by Cédrick Fernandez.
Ed. Bibli’O; 99 cards, €24.

Players receive nine cards. Each bears a quote, either biblical, or from an author (contemporary or not), or collected from the mouth of a young person during a spiritual workshop led by Agnès Charlemagne, designer of the game. The rule, simple, leads players to place “cards on the table”, literally and figuratively: in turn, they place a card, specifying the link they see with one of the cards already exposed. Everyone is thus led to speak in a personal way, in a climate of mutual listening.

A points scale can be established, but it is the words exchanged, supported by the quotes offered, which enrich the players, with no winner or loser. The playful framework of Playspi, the fruit of Agnès Charlemagne's experience, allows us to speak freely about spirituality. The flexibility of the rule allows the game to be adapted to the players, as indicated in the instructions. And to involve up to six players thanks to the ninety-nine cards.

The mention “from 8 years old” seems ambitious in view of certain quotes. But Playspi has its place in families, in chaplaincy, and everywhere where we dare to offer ourselves the all too rare opportunity to discuss spirituality.


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