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Conditions for making a ruqya

Performing ruqya requires compliance with certain standards. In fact, we do not count a condition for making a ruqya, but several. Exorcism is among the things made legislated by Islamic legislation. To carry it out, the Muslim is required to conform to the sacred texts.

Conditions for making a ruqya: tawhid, always first

This may seem obvious to you, and yet! The roqya must indeed be exempt from any polytheistic sign. Many Quranic verses mention the prohibition of shirk which makes actions futile. Worse still, it makes the person who indulges in it a disbeliever.

During the pre-Islamic period, the Arabs already practiced roqya. Then, after the advent of Islam, the Messenger of Allah ﷺ asked you about this practice. And him to say that there was no harm in practicing theexorcism provided it does not involve polytheism.

Allah has made any form of shirk unlawful, both in deeds and in speech, except for those who are in a state of compulsion. The truth is enough for the believer to allow him not to have recourse to polytheism.

Other conditions for making a roqya chariya, not to compromise his religion, as well as his moral integrity. Islam strictly prohibits soliciting a magician, sorcerer, astrologer or other for the exorcism. These different characters claim the fact of know the science of the invisible. However, this is one of the nullifications of Islam. Indeed, only Allah knows the world of the invisible and has revealed some of its facets to whom He wills.

Even if one considers their roqya to be correct, one cannot resort to them lest they mix in sihror even quackery. Therefore, Islamic legislation has pronounced this prohibition to destroy a path that leads to haram. A fundamental rule stipulates that legal opinions are founded taking into account the purposes. If there was any profit to be made from magicians, The Lawgiver would not have issued an injunction to kill them. The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ also called magic fatal sin.

Conditions for making a roqya: no remedies in the haram

Allah did not include remedies to be used for healing in haram. Therefore, we cannot encourage a person suffering from occult illnesses to go to a magician… Going to a soothsayer is also one of the prohibited in Islam. Ibn Al Qayyim has also described the soothsayers as devil’s messengers. There are two categories of people: those who follow the diviners and those who follow the messengers of Allah. The minion cannot in any case belong to these two groups simultaneously.

Many people go to the diviners and do not respect this condition to make a roqya. However, the Messenger of Allah called anyone who goes there and believes in his predictions a disbeliever.

The importance of the words used in the ruqya

The roqya includes practices legislated and taught by the prophet Muhammad ﷺ to his companions. There are clear terms with meaning. It must not contain prohibited or meaningless terms because it can mix with the words of people who are fake. Now, this leads to shirk, a great sin which Allah does not forgive.

Ibn Hajar, rahimahullah listed not one condition for making a roqya, but three:

1- Let it be by the Koran or with The Names and Attributes of Allah ;

2- One exorcism in Arabic or with another language whose meaning is understood;

3- To have the conviction that this roqya has no effect by itself. Indeed, only Allah has the power to heal, regardless of the remedy chosen.

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