Alone or with others, how to celebrate the Time for Creation

Alone or with others, how to celebrate the Time for Creation

The 2023 theme of the five weeks of this ecumenical time is a quote from the prophet Amos: “Let justice flow like a spring; justice, like a torrent that never runs dry!” (Am 5:24.) This conviction that God acts in this world through law and justice is a necessary reminder. The images of the spring and the torrent can help us carry it into our prayer.


Around a basin, a baptistery or near a river.

  • Reader 1. Jesus said: “If you knew the gift of God and who it is that says to you: Give me a drink!” (silence)
  • Each in turn, when he feels ready, can say: “Lord, give me this water, that I may thirst no more.”
  • Reader 2. The prophet Ezekiel has a vision (from chapter 47, verses 1 to 12): “The angel of the Lord brought me back to the door of the house. And behold, water came out under the threshold of the house (…). On the stream, on its banks on each side, all kinds of fruit trees will grow Their foliage will not wither, nor their fruit will cease, they will ripen every month, because the waters will flow out of the sanctuary. Their fruit will be food, and their leaves will be medicine.
  • At the end of reading, water is poured into the basin. Everyone comes to perform the gesture of their choice: dip a hand, touch their eyes, ears or lips with a little water, offer some to someone. Then everyone tells about the river they encountered in their life which is a good memory.
  • End of the meeting around a blessing or the prayer of the Our Father

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