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Dhul Qarnayn (ذو القرنين) | What you need to know about it

Dhul Qarnain or “ذو القرنين” in Arabic is mentioned in the Sacred Book of Muslims, the Holy Quran. We find his story in particular at the end of the Surah Al Kahf. In French, the title of this 18th sura of the Quran means ” The cave“. Let’s try to discover together who is this character mentioned by Allah in the Koran.

Dhul Qarnain: a character mentioned in the Quran

The exegetes have explained through several tafsir books that Dhul Qarnain was a servant of Allah who encouraged his people to take the path of guidance. He had the ability to speak several languages, so he was a polyglot. Allah granted him great power on Earth, certain knowledge, as well as armies.

From the explanation given by the mufassiroun, we also remember that Dhul Qarnain dominated the East and the West. The different nations and the kings had no choice but to submit to his power.

In the tafsir of Ibn Kathirwe understand from the explanation of the Surah Al Kahf that the name “Dhul Qarnain” means the man with two horns. Among the explanations given, there is the fact that it reached the two horns of the sun, namely the one located in the East, as well as that in the West. Scientists have also come up with other explanations. Nevertheless, and for the sake of reliability, we will refrain from listing each of the theories relating to this subject. The Muslim is required to express himself only according to the sacred texts when it comes to religion.

A pious king, who repressed the transgressors and corrupters present on Earth. Among them, we find Gog and Magog during his time.

Dhul Qarnain facing Gog and Magog

His account gives us indications concerning the people of Ya’jouj and Ma’jouj. Let’s immediately put aside some legends by telling you that they are human. This subject intrigues and sometimes pushes some to utter information which has no basis in the Koran and the Sunnah.

These two tribes among the children of Adam committed much evil during their time. Indeed, Allah informs us that they were sowing disorder on earth. He also claimed that Dhul Qarnayn had reached a place located between two separate mountains used by Gog and Magog with the aim of invading the country of the Turks and sowing disorder there.

With the help of the inhabitants of this region, Dhul Qarnayn therefore undertook to build a rampart. An impassable iron wall for Gog and Magog which would therefore protect the people from their disorder, until a period of time whose term only Allah knows.

When that day comes, they will wreak havoc on earth again. According to the texts relating to eschatologythis moment will arrive shortly before the resurrection and after the appearance of Dajjal.

The location of this wall

According to Sheikh Ibn Baz, rahimahoullah, the wall built by Dhul Qarnayn is probably located towards China. This people of evildoers will therefore leave this region of the world. This eminent scholar made this deduction based on the story of the man with two horns. Their reappearance is one of the highlights of the end times.

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