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Nafs in Islam | Find out what you need to know about it

During his life, the believer leads a permanent fight against the nafs in Islam. Indeed, blade is brought to instill in us the fact of committing acts which Allah and His Messenger disapprove of. This topic intrigues Muslims because of its importance. Together, let’s try to find out more by referring to the Koran and the Sunnah.

The nafs in Islam and its inclinations

The Muslim leads a fierce struggle against the inclinations of his nafs in Islam. We all aspire to direct it towards piety and the fact of fearing Allah. On the one hand, we find the pious acts which will have their importance during the last judgement. And on the other, we find a lot of actions made illegal by Le Législateur.

Allah praises His servants who chose to comply with His injunctions. In the Quran, He also blamed those who opted for the second option, namely transgressing His laws.

The issue is crucial since the acts accomplished during our life on Earth will have an impact in the afterlife. Allah has made blessings people of heaven. As for the others, he promised them the blazing fire of hell. It is incumbent on Muslims to carry out this fight which is called jihad an nafs in Islam. Access to heaven is not acquired, but acquired.

Jihad al nafs in Islam: a fight against oneself

Transgressing the Laws of Allah does not present an insurmountable difficulty. On the other hand, complying with Allah’s instructions requires constant effort and unwavering sincerity. The believer constantly wonders how to increase your faith. It is certain that the performance of bad actions causes a harmful effect on it.

THE following passions makes hearts sick and insensitive to reminder of Allah. Then comes regret. In this situation, the Muslim must hasten to ask for forgiveness to Allah. As for acts of obedience towards Allah, they allow us to taste eternal happiness. A happiness which originates here on earth and which continues even in the afterlife.

To achieve the coveted religious assiduity, the believer fights against his nafs in Islam. Have you ever heard of the evil soul? It frequently inspires the individual to perform bad acts and gratify his passions. Faith, on the other hand, causes a purification of the soul and the heart in which our deepest convictions reside.

We often talk about jihad led by the fighters at the front. But jihad an nafs also requires considerable effort. It is, moreover, a battle to be waged until the agony of dead. The believer who is faithful to his convictions becomes aware of the current issue. This short time that Allah has granted us allows us to work towards reaching the people of Jannah. The race for wealth led by the majority of human beings pushes us towards perdition.

The Many Opportunities to Purify Your Soul

Allah’s perfect religion contains auspicious moments for drawing closer to one’s Creator. In fact, he established periods which prevail over others. For example, there is the month of Ramadan during which the shayatines are chained. However, the believer must maintain his efforts not to be distracted by his nafs in Islam.

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