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Focus on the symptoms to be aware of

The “waswas” is a Arabic term denoting intrusive thoughts that disrupt a person's inner peace. These parasitic ideas can in particular come from psychological factors or spiritual. Let's try to find out more about the symptom of waswasits religious origins and the existing remedies according to the Koran and the Sunnah.

The symptom of waswas, an illness that does exist

This is not a myth or a legend. Indeed, many hadiths mention waswas. However, the Muslim firmly believes in the truthfulness of the Messenger of Allah. We therefore consider each of the information coming from him as truth.

The symptom of waswas in its different formats:

  • Of the intrusive thoughts and repetitive that invade the mind.
  • Anxiety, excessive worry.
  • Of the mental confusion and intellectual.
  • Of the untenable doubts about faith.
  • A tendency to misinterpret events.
  • A feeling of loss of control over one's thoughts.

These unwanted ideas are a source of torment. They indeed generate anxiety, sadness and disturbance in the person, harming their quality of life. At the community level, waswas can also sow discord by fueling prejudices and misunderstandings between individuals.

Religious origins of the waswas symptom

In Islam, we associate this phenomenon with insinuations ofIblis which attempts to turn believers away from right path.

As the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, said: “ The devil circulates in the human body like blood “. The Quran also warns against temptations of Sheytane.

However, psychological factors such as anxiety, the Depression Or OCD can also cause these unwanted thoughts. Whatever their origin, they are a source of torment.

Quranic remedies and solutions taken from the Sunnah

Fortunately, Islam offers spiritual remedies against the symptom of waswas. Here are the main solutions:

  • There regular recitation of the Quranwhose verses soothe the soul.
  • The Evocation of AllahAd-dhikrand the invocations or duas.
  • Trust in Allah, At-tawakkul.
  • Ask for divine protection against the devilAl-isti'ada.
  • Consult a imam or one mental health professional.

Furthermore, the Messenger of Allah also said in another hadith: “ Whoever puts his trust in Allah, Allah will be sufficient for him “. Thus, tawakkul is one of the essential things to overcome intrusive thoughts.

Quranic recitation also removes temptations of the devilaccording to this hadith: “There is no house where the Quran is not recited, except that Satan approaches it “.

In short, despite the distress it causes, there are ways to overcome the symptom of waswas. In fact, the spiritual treatments are not lacking in the Quran and the Sunnah.

However, certain cases require appropriate psychological monitoring, in accordance with Islamic teachings.

Troubled believers should turn to Allah to find inner peace. They must also remember that He alone has the power to heal.

The different treatments mentioned only represent causes, to be associated with a noble intention.

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