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Form Wave | Sacred Geometry Meanings and Benefits

In principle, everything that has a form releases energy and when an object has forms, it emits waves. This energy acts on us both psychologically and physically, for good or ill. A shape wave can be represented by geometric shapes or symbols and it interacts with everything around us. These waves of positive shapesdespite their simplicity, represent a reality.

What is a form wave?

Our world is surrounded by shapes of all kinds. There are those which are visible and which can be touched, but also invisible forms such as sounds, speech, thought, feelings and electricity. These elements can be immobile such as plants, minerals, materials and objects, or in motion such as animals, clouds, smoke… However, each of them, whether it has a certain volume or results from our direct feeling, releasesenergy.

When a form (or a body) releases energy, this one interacts with those released by the other forms which exist in the same environment. This interaction can be done in a visible or invisible way. However, in principle, it can strengthen or disturb thebalance between the elements which are located nearby.

THE shape waves that the micro-vibratory energies of the bodies emit can be beneficial or harmful. Studies have demonstrated the impacts and the existence of this type of energy. These effects are generally characterized by:

  • Physical aspect ;
  • the mass ;
  • spatial position;
  • and the form field.

How can a form wave influence the energy plane?

L’vibrational energy that a geometric body emits depends on its shape. It is this notion that is generally called shape wave “. It has been used for thousands of years, in ancient Egyptian times, and by other ancient cultures. According to ancient knowledge, there are certain forms which were much more adequate than others when it came to capturing and manifesting the cosmic energies.

Some cultures even considered that there are geometric figures who had the ability to reproduce the harmony of cosmos on the ground. These waves of beneficial form make it possible to ensure that the “Micro-Cosmos” such as the temples or the pyramids represent the “Macro-Cosmos” of the universe, thanks to the ” Sacred Geometry “.

If the shapes of the sacred geometry often seem pleasant and harmonious to us, it is because they come to us directly from the nature. Indeed, it represents for example the arrangement of flowers, animals and the human body. These bodily forms thus provide shape waves acting.

These very special forms emit waves of positive shapes. They can be used to neutralize harmful or disturbing waves, to harmonize a place or to energize food. Moreover, this is why they are often used in geobiology.

What is the nature of waveforms?

Most often referred to as esoteric sciencesTHE shape waves can also be magnetic and etheric waves. In any case, what is certain is that it was the ancient Egyptians who were the first to use form waves. Indeed, these peoples mastered the sense of geometric radiations. While the Hertzian waves were not well known in their day, they were already using the vibrational waves to solve many mental and physical problems. There is, for example, mummification, the protection of graves, telecommunications, etc.

Furthermore, it also seems that these are the shape waves which are the origin of hieroglyphs. This is reflected in their diversity of forms of expression, in particular their ideographic and phonetic sense and their initiatory religious sense. Countless accessories from dowsing were invented by the Egyptians, thanks to theabundance shape wave. For example, there is the sandstone clock and ring that were found in an ancient sarcophagus. These would have the power to protect its owner from certain harmful effects.

Other virtues of shape waves still remain a mystery like the dissolving properties of the Pyramids and the different properties of the Sphinx of Giza. However, what you need to know is that these waves are capable of interfering in our lives. Their reaction can be either harmful or beneficial.

How to know if the waves of acting forms are good or bad?

In the Eastern tradition, we designate the shape waves like “poison arrows”. The study of these phenomena has been entrusted to the masters of the ” feng shui “. Whether good or bad, it will have an impact on our energy body. These specialists therefore aim to determine its effects and the effective means to neutralize them, if ever, it has negative consequences. Indeed, thepositive shape wave conveys information that is in harmony with the physical body. On the other hand, the bio-field or the energy body retracts when it feels in a situation of aggression.


To study the shape wavesthe specialists used the principle of Chaumery pendulum. The harmful energy that emanated from the graves was collectively called “Green Negative”. This would have important properties of communication on all the energy levels of nature. It is also considered as a door to other dimensions.

The best known example of geometric symbols negative green is the pyramid. This so-called form Cheops is the most effective, only if misused it can become the most unstable and disturbing, especially if used on one’s chakras. Indeed, a pyramid, even homemade, can mummify a physical body in its center and it would have the power to sharpen old blades, without touching it. Thus, some waves are positive, others negative, but the important thing is to know how to use them with care and for beneficial purposes for the physical body.


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