La turquoise : propriétés et vertus

Turquoise: properties and virtues

With the beautiful days approaching, the turquoise comes back strong. With its shades of lagoon blue, it is one of the most popular stones of the season. And she wears rings, bangles, earrings and in pendants. Turquoise always seduces as much over time.

In lithotherapy, turquoise is the stone that attunes the physical being with the higher spheres. Indeed, it helps us to know ourselves better and, in this way, to better control our thoughts and our actions. This is why you must listen to this stone and be receptive to what it has to teach you about yourself. It is only on this condition that you will be able to discover your true potential and exploit it to carry out your projects. We take stock!

Origin of turquoise

Turquoise, called “Firuze” or “Ferozah”, which means “Victorious” was widely used by the Persians to make their jewelry.

Similarly, this stone was highly prized by the Egyptians of the Pharaonic era for its beauty and decorative aspect.

Brought back from Iran, it was introduced to Turkey and then to Europe by the Crusaders. It was then called the “Turkish Stone” hence the name of “turquoise”.

Because of its rarity and therefore its value, the blue stone has always been considered synonymous with wealth and prestige. Thus, we find proof of it by virtue of its presence in the mortuary ornaments of Ramses and Tutankhamun.

In the Americas, it was the same with the Aztecs for whom the stone was also a symbol of wealth and prestige.

This is why, shortly after the discovery of this new continent, turquoise was used as currency by the Indians, Aztecs and Spaniards during the conquest of Mexico).

In Asia, in the Tibetan civilization, this stone was considered to have therapeutic virtues and influences on the psyche. Moreover, in this culture, turquoise symbolized the courageous, generous and indulgent person.

In our time, it is considered a protective stone, chasing away bad karmas. And, it brings joy and assurance to depressed people.

The virtues of Turquoise

Like many semi-precious stones, Turquoise, if you wear it, has energetic and therapeutic virtues.

On a physical level

Turquoise has a role of reinforcement and regeneration on a physical level. Indeed, this stone can strengthen the eyes, the liver and the glands. It increases the irrigation of muscle tissue, in particular to treat tears in ligaments and tendons. It is also indicated to help the body fight against attacks of viruses and bacterial infections.

In case of wounds, you can apply the stone to the affected part of your body which will have been previously washed. It is also recommended to fight against polyps.

This stone also protects against respiratory ailments.

Then, turquoise also has a role of detoxification and purification. It helps regulate the nervous system and purifies body fluids. It also helps to treat poisoning and fights cholesterol and other excesses.

Psychic virtues of turquoise

It should be remembered that Native Americans consider turquoise to be a sacred stone. In particular because it eliminates negative waves or negative electromagnetic radiation by converting them into positive energy.

Its ability to absorb these negative emanations would be the cause of a change in color, or even a loss of radiance. Moreover, it would be a source ofbalance and unification,harmony of mind and body and masculine and feminine. Turquoise would still promote intuition and empathy. Finally, it would help to achieve a symbiosis with the cosmos.

Help with meditation

Turquoise would be a good catalyst for people practicing meditation. Because, it would be in connection with the chakra of the third eye. It would remove certain inhibitions and allow positive energies to manifest.

For example, a mala in turquoise would prevent the psychological blockages of the wearer.

Fight against negativity

Worn as a pendant, the turquoise bead helps to absorb all the negativity present in the body and mind. Moreover, it helps to discover your innate powers.

To achieve this result, you must proceed as follows: align your chakras by placing a turquoise on each of your junction points for a few minutes. They will allow the stone to act.

If you do not have 7 turquoises, a single stone will do the trick.

Fight against depression

If you are going through a depressive or chronic state, resort to the power of turquoise while you sleep. Indeed, sleep with a turquoise to be soothed and have a restorative sleep. In addition, turquoise restores joy and the ability to accomplish difficult things.

Protection of travelers

Turquoise is considered the stone of travelers because it protects them and protects them from theft and accidents of all kinds. This is why, nowadays, it is advisable to have a turquoise stone in your car or during train, plane or boat trips.

It is particularly known to serve as a stone of protection for air crew. Riders who are subject to falls, sometimes serious, have an interest in wearing it, especially before competitions.

Defeat of stuttering

We do not know enough, the power of turquoise can help get rid of stuttering in children. To do this, place a turquoise at the level of the neck chakra every day for about ten minutes.

Promotes communication

In general, to have better communication, it is advisable to sleep with a turquoise crystal around the neck and to wear a pendant during the day.

Thus, you increase your ability to communicate more effectively with others, even for a public conference. If the turquoise givesassurance in oral communication, it is the same in written communication.

On a spiritual level

In addition to the virtues of turquoise on a physical and psychological level, it is a stone of wisdom. Because, it helps to elevate our spirit. This is why it is also found a lot in Buddhist countries such as Tibet and Nepal.

It is a stone that promotes personal fulfillment mentally and emotionally. In addition, turquoise strengthens friendship, expression and listening, calme tantrums, stabilizes mood swings.

In addition, turquoise is a stone that corresponds to the astrological signs of Libra, Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio and Aquarius.

So here is a magic and superb stone to always have on you, especially people who are of these astrological signs.

Jewelry that is always on trend: turquoise

For some time now, the “turquoise mania” has invaded the catwalks of the greatest designers. It is also found in the windows of major jewelers. Turquoise, luxurious, authentic or ethnic, blends with all styles and trends. This is why we find it in our jewelry boxes.

In addition, you should know that it is particularly the silver rings and the large ethnic pendants that highlight the turquoise stone the most.

Note that traditional Tibetan jewelry is known for its combination of Turquoise and Coral.

But, this stone can also be worn in earrings or bracelets. All shades of blue go well with other stones, such as dark blue Lapis Lazuli, or green stones.

Everyone can find the turquoise stone that suits them.

Cleaning and maintenance of turquoise jewelry

It is important to maintain your turquoise regularly. To discharge it, let it soak in distilled water for a few hours.

To recharge it with good energies, favor the rays of the moon. Be careful not to leave it in the sun. Which could discolor.

In addition, in this area, you should know that your turquoise can lose its color and become dull. This is the sign that she is exhausted and that she has communicated all her strength. It is then: extinct. It must be returned to the earth for its rest. All you have to do is buy another one.

Precautions for using turquoise

There turquoise is a gem very fragile and porous. You must avoid exposing it to intense heat sources, otherwise its blue color will turn green.

It can also change color under the influence of oils, cosmetics, chemicals, greasy products, soap, etc.

It contains water and if it dries out it may tarnish or change color. Finally, its hardness varies according to its origin. The hardest and therefore the least fragile come from Iran.


There turquoise stone, beyond its beauty, has many virtues and benefits for the person who wears it. Hence its undeniable success in all times, cultures and continents. A stone that must accompany you in your life.


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