“GR20: I have given up on continuing my hike”

“GR20: I have given up on continuing my hike”

I gave up on continuing my hike

Walk on the GR20 in Corsica was my project for several years. This summer, I set out on the southern part, reputed to be less difficult than the northern stages. Forty-eight hours after I left, I started feeling very nauseous. Hot stroke or the start of gastrointestinal illness… I quickly felt too weak to continue. My hike on the GR20 stopped there. Since then, I wonder if I took the right decision or if I lacked perseverance.

Louis, 49 years old

When should you give up while hiking? Readers’ responses

Responses from our readers.

  • Show wisdom. I would like to share my solidarity as a walker: you did well to stop. It is a sign of wisdom and intelligence. With a friend, we hiked this summer along the Dordogne gorges, a magnificent route, but very steep. We shortened the route, without regret, despite a little disappointment. It would have been a shame to call the firefighters. Beautiful hikes still await you!


  • Return safely. As an experienced hiker, I can confirm that turning around is difficult and requires courage. Because we experience it as a failure, especially when the objective is really close to our hearts. But even when you are well prepared, you may have to turn back because there are always unforeseen events. Considering this possibility from the start helps to see it less as a failure and more as a success in returning safely.


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