“Gratitude beautifies our lives”

“Gratitude beautifies our lives”

You publish Zero constraints to stay young. Make our mouths water…

In this book, I show that it is never too late to take care of your health and improve your quality of life. My recommendations in the areas of diet, sleep and physical activity can help limit the development of certain diseases.

The book you could reread a hundred times?

Oscar and the Lady in Pink, by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt. Reading this life lesson about a child's illness had a big impact on me when I was a medical student.

A gene you're happy to have inherited?

The meaning of work. My father worked in a pizzeria and my mother in a bakery. Great workers, they taught me that a sense of effort ensures success and recognition.

Your Proust madeleine?

I will never part with my Dragon Ball Z card album, a product derived from the eponymous cartoon. This album evokes for me the time of childhood, of carefreeness.

A good plan to reconnect with nature?

With my family, we left the hustle and bustle of the city to live in the countryside, forty kilometers from Paris. Breathing the air from my garden every day does me a lot of good.

A solidarity initiative?

The Un petit bagage d'amour association provides basic necessities to women who have just given birth. With my wife, a midwife, we would like to open a branch of this association in our town.

Pope Francis grants you an audience. What do you ask him?

What do you eat to maintain your energy? I also tried to contact him as part of my program broadcast on YouTube, What does it eat? in which I discuss with personalities about their eating habits.

A guardian angel over your shoulder?
As a practicing Muslim, I believe that certain angels watch over us. On a daily basis, I practice gratitude towards life's events.

The beauty that will save the world?

That of the stars! I like to meditate and philosophize under the starry sky.

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