Nature is also a sanctuary

Hope more than ever

Although he is little known to the general French public, the figure of the German Jürgen Moltmann is establishing himself in the world of contemporary theology. Author, over the years, of an imposing number of works on fundamental theology written in clear language, he was also among the first in Western Europe to take seriously the issues of the contemporary ecological crisis. Nothing surprising, undoubtedly, when you are a Protestant Christian concerned with dialogue with the world of our time. For years, Jürgen Moltmann has been a pioneer, setting essential milestones for theological reflection in this area. Forced into the Hitler Youth at the age of 14, the man had to dig deep to find the sense of possible hope in a world in pieces. He ultimately did so throughout his life, as a good architect of a credible faith. Among his remarkable works, the one entitled God in Creation remains a foundation stone of contemporary ecotheology. Thirty years later, in a recent work, he still evokes hope in these troubled times. Its “mystique of the living” is more relevant than ever. The man died on June 3, 2024 at the age of 98. It is time to read or reread what he leaves us.

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