Housing: "There are still solutions to access property"

Housing: “There are still solutions to access property”

Are there any tips for accessing property currently?

Tricks, not really, but fallback solutions, yes: the free life annuity, the zero-rate loan, the real estate civil society, the family loan… The notaries note that the latter is experiencing a certain vogue, especially in areas tense, in the cities. It consists of borrowing a sum of money from a relative to supplement his budget with a more advantageous rate than at the bank. If it’s possible for you, go for it. But not everyone is so lucky.

Have cities become inaccessible today?

There is a concentration of needs. The generation born between 1980 and 2000 migrated to metropolitan areas to pursue their studies and often stayed there. This leads to saturation in the same employment pools and prices rise particularly in these areas. Times are tough, but France is not just about cities. And the banks are still financing.

How can the candidate for a first purchase adapt?

The easiest way is to think differently. We must be pragmatic and return to compromises, which in reality have always existed. Lately, we have been going through a bit of a crazy period, especially from 2015 to 2020. Real estate had a positive whirlwind because rates were very low, but it was an illusion: people were still paying dearly because prices were high. In the current situation, a change of software is essential: you have to have the budget for what you need, not for what you dream of. The key is the realistic project.

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