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Human Appeal | Presentation of this humanitarian organization

In a world where humanitarian crises continue without respite, community engagement and international solidarity take on vital importance. Human Appeal, through his experience helping populations in distress, perfectly illustrates how collective action and individual contributions can transform lives.

In the heart of Gaza: immediate answers

In the Gaza Strip, the humanitarian crisis has reached catastrophic proportions, causing the loss of more than 30,000 people, including 13,000 children and 8,400 women. Currently, 1.7 million displaced individuals face extreme vulnerability, struggling every day to meet their most basic needs such as access to food, drinking water, and basic medical care.

Human Appeal is making considerable efforts to provide support and comfort to affected populations. Thanks to the rapid mobilization of resources and the delivery of eight aid convoys, 573,026 women, children and men have to date been able to benefit from vital assistance, receiving food, drinking water, and clothing to face the rigors of winter in a context of massive displacement.

The figures demonstrate the scale of the action: not only in the emergency, but also in the sustainability of the interventions. With the distribution of hot meals already underway in refugee camps, Human Appeal is strengthening its commitment to Gazan families. The project of offering 1,000,000 hot meals is a shining example of how giving can create moments of communion, even in the darkest circumstances.

Projects with a future beyond emergency aid

The impact of Human Appeal goes beyond the emergency. The projects to build wells, schools, and the sponsorship of orphans are all testimonies to the long-term vision of the NGO. These sustainable initiatives, made possible thanks to the generosity of donors, breathe life and hope into communities, laying the foundations for a prosperous future.

Donors are at the heart of Human Appeal's work. Their unwavering support allows us to bring help, build and hope. In making a donation, everyone becomes a pillar of hope, an ambassador of international solidarity. Faced with immense challenges, there is strength in unity. Get involved with Human Appeal to make compassion a tangible reality.

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