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Masturbation in Islam | What scholars say on the subject

There is no place for taboo in Islam. Indeed, the companions did not hesitate to question the Messenger of Allah regarding certain points related to their privacy. However, the believer is required to demonstrate modesty, even in the way he expresses himself. Today, we are going to discuss a subject that some consider taboo and which nevertheless arouses the curiosity of many Muslims: masturbation in islam.

The ruling on masturbation in Islam

When a question overwhelms the believer, he must turn to people of science and not just any people. Indeed, we live in strange and surprising times, in which anyone who emits fatwa. And very often, these hastily pronounced judgments have no basis in connection with the Islamic jurisprudence.

Some have made masturbation lawful in Islam, which is also called ” the secret habit ” Or ” al ‘adatou as-siriyya’ ” in Arabic. This involves the man or woman causing ejaculation by their own action, with their hands or others. They also attributed to theImam Ahmed a word he did not say.

Sheikh Souleymane Ar-Rouhayli affirmed the illegality of masturbation in Islam. To justify this opinion, he relied on the verse in which Allah affirms that those who preserve their sexes outside of relationships with women who are legitimate to them are not blameworthy. The end of the verse also presents no ambiguity. Indeed, Allah calls those who seek beyond these limits transgressors.

There masturbation in Islam: how to protect yourself?

Allah therefore considers that the gender preservation is part of the foundations of the believer. Then he added an exception by citing wives or slaves. In this act, they cannot be blamed, which means that actions that exceed these limits are blameworthy.

The meaning of the verse in question is not confusing. Islam masturbation concerns many people, generally young people. But the Koran and the Sunnah present us with the necessary and useful means to protect ourselves from it.

In a hadith, the Messenger of Allah encouraged capable young people to marry. Marriage in Islam will do to him look down and preserve her chastity. If the desire proves to be strong, Allah has even allowed him to have up to three wives.

Why do we seek to transgress the laws of Allah when He has showered us with countless blessings? What can we say about those who await us in the afterlife, starting with the brides of paradise ?

As for those who have limited means, he encourages them to fast. Indeed, fasting joins the means of protecting oneself by limiting the desire in the individual. The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) therefore did not mention masturbation in Islam for those who do not have the capacity to marry.

The opposition of the two evils

Jurisconsults have cited a situation in which a Muslim can resort to Islam masturbation: the opposition of the two evils. In this case, he accomplishes the least worst. If the fornication comes to him and desire dominates his soul, then he can resort to this practice if he knows that it will turn him away from fornication.

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