“I do not dare to participate in a general meeting”

“I do not dare to participate in a general meeting”

Two years ago, I joined a cooperative in the energy sector. The project interests me and I participate as often as possible in the various meetings (agoras, annual general meeting, etc.). But despite the friendly atmosphere that reigns there, I find it hard to see myself giving my opinion or asking questions. I do not have a sufficient grasp of the issues on the agenda. This frustrates me, but I don’t know what to do to cope.


The point of view of Muriel Lacroix-Pringarbe, committed entrepreneur

Dear Marie-Cécile, you doubt what you can bring to a project that is close to your heart. Allow me to share with you what I discovered about a new approach to working together which is spreading in businesses and in associations. This is called “collective intelligence”. A way of thinking and collaborating by which a group, or a team, will advance complex projects thanks to the interactions between its members. Each individual contributes to it, with a multidisciplinary vision. This is the opposite of bringing together “specialists” who are sometimes far removed from realities on the ground.

So it doesn’t matter if you don’t have technical skills. You will bring your ideas, your common sense, and your “non-specialist” point of view will prove relevant to enlighten the other members of the group. Do not underestimate the role you have to play in the association you have joined. It is a safe bet that the use of collective intelligence processes and methods will become more widespread. Let us accept today our state of neophytes in order to succeed in our projects in a different way.

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