“Art captures the elusive”

“Art captures the elusive”

The Marseille Concerts festival begins in a few days. Make our mouths water…

We offer chamber music all year round. From the Palais du Pharo to the La Criée theater via the Marseille opera house. At the moment and until mid-July, the season is in full swing in the Marseille city: pianist Pierre Réach will perform Beethoven sonatas in the grand foyer of the Opera on March 31. Fifteen days later, at La Criée, cellist Emmanuelle Bertrand and pianist Pascal Amoyel will play works by Fauré, Grieg and Brahms.

Your latest artistic crush?

The film May December. Director Todd Haynes features a couple whose wife is twenty years older than the man she loves. The subject is handled with finesse and the viewer seeks to understand the motivations of the characters, without being tempted to judge them. This is what art is for: seeking to understand, even the incomprehensible; to grasp the elusive.

The film you could watch a hundred times?

All about Eve, by Joseph Mankiewicz with Bette Davis, my favorite actress. This work dates from 1950 and narrates the meeting between two actresses from two different generations. This moves me.

The music that makes you happy in the morning?

Mozart! Her Concerto No. 19for example, or even all the songs of Charles Trenet, in particular There is joy!

The place that inspires you to write?

At home, in Marseille, in front of my window from where I can see my garden and, in the distance, the Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde basilica.

Your Proust madeleine?

That of my adolescence… My friendships when I was at college in La Loupe, in Perche. I also experienced important moments there on a sentimental level.

A solidarity initiative that touches you?

The work of the Brigitte-Bardot Foundation. It is essential. Animal suffering upsets me.

Which beauty will save the world?

All! Whether they come from art or our environment… As long as men are in love with beauty, humanity will be saved.

For you, Jesus, it is…


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