I'm making a Christmas wreath...

I’m making a Christmas wreath…

→ Weave a braid with the three lengths of raffia, pulling tightly.

→ Cut to the desired length according to the desired size of the crown.

→ Round the braid by gathering the two ends and attaching them to each other.

→ Secure the foam around the crown with the woolen thread.

→ Slide the branches into the wire, taking care to orient them in the same direction.

→ Shake the crown outside to remove the residue.

→ Tie one or two raffia threads around the crown so you can hang it.

→ Our opinion: You can install a large Christmas wreath on your door as a welcome sign. Or have smaller ones on window handles, according to the tradition of Anglo-Saxon countries, where this object symbolizes the cycle of the year.

The average cost of an equivalent crown in the trade (gardening center, mass distribution) is €20. For this creation, count on €5 for raffia and €1 for a ball of wool.

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