“In the Franco-German couple, France looks like a battered wife who cannot leave her husband”

“In the Franco-German couple, France looks like a battered wife who cannot leave her husband”

Your job

What is the first measure you would like to see voted on if you are elected?

I will fight with all my strength to ensure that the European Parliament takes a stand against surrogacy, which is a major societal regression.

Do you speak one or more foreign languages ​​fluently? If so why ?

Thanks to my husband Vincenzo, I am lucky enough to speak Italian fluently. I also speak English quite well.

Your campaign

What is Europe's main challenge today?

Our vital, existential challenge is clear: the continuation or disappearance of our civilization, as it has been shaped by the centuries and transmitted to us, as we would like to transmit it to those who will come after us. On June 9, before voting, each voter will have to ask themselves this question: do they want the Europe of civilization which affirms and preserves its Christian roots or do they prefer the Europe of the Commission which capitulates to immigration and the Islamization of the continent?

Designate your main opponent from among the other heads of the list.

My opponent is in reality this great alliance which brings together the LR, the Macronists and the socialist and environmentalist left which today runs the European institutions. I fight this majority which – behind Ursula von der Leyen – organizes the migratory submersion of Europe, condemns our continent to agricultural and energy downgrading, promotes wokism and prepares the generalization of GPA.

Given her record, does Ursula von der Leyen deserve to be reappointed?

No of course, and let me first remind you that this reappointment of Ursula von der Leyen as President of the Commission is, however, supported by the EPP, the parliamentary group of LR and François-Xavier Bellamy. Ursula von der Leyen, like her predecessors, symbolizes all the failures of the European Union and all the betrayed promises: after more than seventy years of European construction, our continent has become the digital colony of the United States, the economic colony of China, and is on its way to becoming an African settler colony and an Islamic cultural and religious colony. Great success!

Compared to the last elections in 2019, would you say that France has gained or lost influence within the EU?

Emmanuel Macron has considerably weakened the voice of our country. He persists in the Franco-German couple, where France looks more and more like a battered woman who cannot leave her husband… I think France needs to start looking at things differently, particularly by strengthening our relations with the countries of the Latin arc.
Within the powerful group of European Conservatives (ECR), a central force in Brussels and the most influential group on the right, we will work with deputies of seventeen nationalities and Reconquest! will be able to defend the interests of France and the French.

Should the EU welcome Ukraine into its fold? (If yes, when?)

I am opposed to Ukraine's accession to the EU and more broadly to any enlargement of the European Union to new countries, starting of course with Islamist Erdogan's Turkey.

Does Frontex really protect our borders?

The number of irregular entries of migrants into the EU has never been as high as in 2023, these figures from the Frontex agency itself answer your question… In European texts, Frontex is supposed to be an agency intergovernmental fight against immigration; in reality, it is under the supervision of the Commission and remains subject to the moral injunctions of pro-migrant NGOs.
I defend the establishment of a naval military blockade in the Mediterranean, a joint action by States to stop migrant boats, return them to the ports of departure, and to destroy the boats used by smugglers. At the same time, we propose that the EU finance “hotspots” in the countries of departure where asylum requests would be made, and that it conditions the payment of public development aid to the effective fight against emigration and to acceptance of the return of deportable migrants to their country of origin.

What priority measure in the European framework to save French farmers?

To regain our agricultural sovereignty, I defend four strong axes: the Common Agricultural Policy must prioritize food self-sufficiency; no free trade agreement should enter into force if it is not accompanied by reciprocity clauses; we must stop the regulatory tsunami resulting from the Green Deal; States must be able to derogate from European competition law by authorizing local and national priority in public contracts for collective catering, thus ensuring a stable income for our producers.

What is the first ecological emergency within the EU?

The ecological emergency is Europe's energy autonomy and the relocation of our industry: I remind you that half of our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are due to imports. The best way to succeed in the energy transition and the reduction of our emissions is, on the one hand, to support a coherent policy to protect our industrial flagships and on the other hand, to relaunch a major European plan for the nuclear power sector. and rail.

“Europe has three to five years to prepare for a military attack from Russia,” declared Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas on January 15. What do you think ?

In this war, when it comes to predictions, we must exercise humility and caution. However, allow me to qualify the Estonian Prime Minister's comments. First, I remind you that with the exception of Ukraine, all the countries bordering Russia are now members of NATO: in the event of Russian military aggression, NATO troops would be engaged in a open and high intensity conflict with the risk of nuclear escalation. In this situation, Russia would probably not have the means to push its territorial advantage further for reasons linked in particular to its aging demographics as well as its economy.

Your sensitivity

What European landscape do you have in your heart?

Coming from a Breton family, I have engraved in my heart since my earliest childhood the jagged landscapes of the Megalith Coast. But married to an Italian, I also fell under the spell of the landscapes of Tuscany, Lombardy and Calabria, which bear the vestiges of the foundations of our Latin civilization. All these European landscapes, in their infinite diversity, have the common point of carrying within them the visible manifestation of our common civilization.

What work of art embodies the European spirit for you?

The Sistine Chapel.

Which European leader would you like to have a drink with?

I always enjoy talking with Giorgia Meloni, the president of the Italian Council, who has succeeded in uniting all the rights and who leads a truly protective and conservative policy in her country.

For you, does Europe have Christian roots?

The erect cathedrals, the bell towers, all these chapels, all these calvaries and these oratories present in the largest cities as well as in the smallest hamlets and paths of France and Europe are there to remind us that this is not an opinion , it is a fact. It is not “for me”, it is for the whole world that Europe and Christianity come together. Only Europe seems to have forgotten it… I am in favor of including our Christian roots in the treaties.

Who would you choose to appear on the next 20 euro note?

Now that the British have left us, perhaps we could put Saint Joan of Arc? More seriously, I would lean towards Pope John Paul II. Beyond his teaching, he left his mark on history by taking a decisive part in the fall of communism and the liberation of our brothers in Central and Eastern Europe.

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