justice validates in summary proceedings his dismissal from France

justice validates in summary proceedings his dismissal from France

The summary judge validated on Monday March 4 the expulsion of the Tunisian imam Mahjoub Mahjoubi, who contested his dismissal from France, considering that he had deliberately made discriminatory remarks and incited hatred towards women and Jews in his preach.

The court ruled that the remarks made by Mahjoub Mahjoubi did not fit into “the framework of the values ​​of the French Republic, opposed Muslims and non-Muslims, incited hatred towards Jews and Israel or advocated jihad and sharia”he explains in a press release.

A request for interim relief

On Friday, Mahjoub Mahjoubi filed through his lawyer, Me Samir Hamroun, a request for interim relief to contest with the summary judge of the administrative court the expulsion order issued by the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin , in person against his client.

Me Samir Hamroun indicated that he had appealed the decision to the Council of State which will rule in summary proceedings. He denounced Friday “an incredible violation of rights” And “an unprecedented procedure in terms of speed” against his client who “was deprived of the opportunity to have his case heard before a judge.”

Imam of the small town of Bagnols-sur-Cèze, in the Gard department, Mahjoub Mahjoubi was arrested and then deported on February 22 to Tunisia. Mahjoub Mahjoubi was notably accused of broadcasting a video in which he described the ” tricolour flag ” – without specifying whether it was the French flag – “satanic flag” who would not have “no value with Allah (God in Arabic)”.

Remarks “against the principles of the Republic”

In her decision rendered Monday, the judge considers that Mahjoub Mahjoubi “develops a discourse theorizing the submission of women to men and implying that women cannot benefit from the same freedoms or the same rights as men, in disregard of the constitutional principle of equality”.

She notes, moreover, that the imam “makes remarks against the principles of the Republic by attacking the French flag, the national emblem, and by praising Sharia law”, Islamic law. She further notes, “that the comments made are acts of provocation to discrimination, hatred or violence” towards people “because of their non-belonging to the Muslim religion or belonging to another current of Islam”.

Finally, the judge emphasizes that the words of Mahjoub Mahjoubi “towards Jews designated in particular as the historical enemies of Muslims who must be fought constitute acts of explicit and deliberate provocation to discrimination, hatred or violence against Jews”. She specifies, lastly, that Mahjoub Mahjoubi made comments inciting terrorism by advocating jihad.

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