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Kebchi I The association that sacrifices your sheep

Non-profit organization, focused on sheep sacrifice during Eid. Kebchi’s main objective is to facilitate Muslim families living in France and Europe in fulfilling their obligations.

She assists Muslims during happy events that bring families together such as marriage, the birth of a child, Eid celebrations and even during sad events such as the loss of a loved one.

For almost 6 years now, she has also been involved in charitable works in order to spread a little joy of living in the lives of thousands of people who face the problems of this cruel world on a daily basis.

Through its humanitarian aid projects and donations. Kebchi allows many innocent lives to benefit from the right to health, education and to be protected from diseases linked to nutritional deficiencies and lack of drinking water.

The countries in which the organization operates are:

  • Madagascar;
  • Sudan;
  • The Democratic Republic of Congo;
  • Niger;
  • Malawi;
  • Rwanda;

The association takes part in various actions to support families in precarious situations, namely:

  • Sponsorship of orphans;
  • Collecting food and clothing for the needy;
  • The construction of wells in isolated villages in certain African countries;
  • The donation of sheep for an aqiqa or even to feed the poor;
  • Zakat al fitr and al maal;

Kebchi and the Aqiqa

Kebchi offers its services all year round and accompanies Muslims during happy events such as the birth of a child. It gives families the opportunity to mark unforgettable moments of this period and the most deprived to also enjoy this opportunity.

The Aqiqa, a Prophetic tradition

Our noble Prophet (ﷺ) established the tradition of Aqiqa which consists of performing a sacrifice in honor of the child. It is therefore a Sunnah to follow for every Muslim. It is recommended to make this sacrifice on the 7th, 14th or 21st day of your child’s life.

Nowadays, Muslim families encounter difficulties finding their sheep and carrying out their sacrifices in Europe and specifically in France. Kebchi assists anyone wishing to order their sheep or offer one to people in need, at each stage of the process, from ordering to sacrifice, until delivery.

Kebchi’s achievements in figures

  • More than 50 mosques collaborate with Kebchi to facilitate Eid for Muslims;
  • 77,360 people benefited from essential food packages;
  • More than 200 wells have been constructed;
  • Many trees are planted giving a production of 50 to 500 kg of fruit/tree each year;
  • More than 500 Aqiqa were performed;

Controllers supervise all stages according to the precepts of Islam, Kebchi monitors in real time by providing video, image and tax receipt proof of the sacrifice.

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