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Lion in Arabic | Find out how to say it in literary Arabic

Arabic is an extremely rich and precise language. There are several thousand ways to say lion in the Arabic language, each with a different meaning or nuance. We go here how to say lion in arabic in 10 different ways.

How to say lion in literary Arabic?

For the male lion, we will use the word “ Assad » its plural being “ ousoud “. For the female, we can say “laboua” as well as “assadah”. Finally, as for the lion cub, we will commonly use “jarour” and more rarely “shibl”.

How to say lion in Arabic in other ways and what are their meanings?

– Osama: it suggests strength and courage, it is a name very commonly given to boys, for example; the illustrious Osama bin Zayd who was one of the companions of our beloved Prophet salla Allahu aleyhi wa sallam.

– Ahouss: which means bold, who is not afraid of anything.

– Azhar: this is the name in Arabic for the lion whose coat (color) is white.

– Ayham: the powerful lion.

– Jaraadh: he is the strong lion, who eats a lot.

– Aydara: here we call the lion with a wide neck and powerful front legs.

– Khaljam: another way of naming the lion in Arabic. This is a large lion.

– Za’ir: we will call this the lion in Arabic for his roar and his anger.

– Saari: this is what we will name the lion in Arabic for its bravery at night.

Knowing how to say lion in Arabic: the importance of mastering this language

It is, in fact, one of the oldest languages. (1600 years!)

The Arabic language has a close link with our religion, it is, therefore, for us necessary to study it and understand it. Indeed, without it, we cannot understand the Noble Quran which is the Word of Allah. And it is into the latter that He chose to send it down.

Al Sheikh Al Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said:

“Certainly, the Arabic language is part of the religion, and its knowledge is an obligation, because understanding the Quran and the Sunnah is obligatory, and they can only be understood with Arabic, and when one cannot perform an obligation only by one thing then this thing becomes obligatory. “.

And Al Shafi’i said:

“The language that Allah has chosen is the Arabic language, He brought down His precious book (the Quran) in Arabic, and made it the language of the last of the Prophets. And for this, it is said that it is the duty of each individual capable of learning it, to learn it, because it is the first language. »

In conclusion, the importance of the Arabic language also stems from the fact that it is a powerful bond that unites Muslims.

Where and how to study the Arabic language?

There are many institutes for teaching the Arabic language online to non-Arabic speakers. Among them ; THE Merkez Al Bourhanwhich offers a complete and beginner-friendly program to finally learn to read and understand the wonderful language that is Arabic.

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