Little community spinnaker time for creation

Little community spinnaker time for creation

A time of prayer for creation to also download in PDF here

OR ? In a beautiful natural place, or in a garden, in the silence of a chapel or a retirement home with our elders.

HOW ? Everyone brings a few objects (large fabric, candle, beautiful decoration…) to build a tent together, the evocation of a nomad’s house which is also the tent of Abraham, the father of believers. The icon of Rublev (known as the Trinity) is placed there. Bring a Bible, something to write and sing. A pitcher of fresh water and a basin. Also prepare a candle, three small dishes containing one flour, the other cottage cheese, the third milk. And a basket to place at the bottom of the tent.

HOW LONG ? Allow between 30 minutes and an hour, sufficient time to settle down and rest together. Distribute the readings in advance, if you wish to share the animation


The celebration opens with a piece of music (recorded or played), while participants sit or stand near the tent, depending on their convenience.

In the secret of his heart, everyone can pray with these words: “You know me Lord and you know the tent of my heart. I am a strange nomad, burdened with worries and fears. Fear of encounters, discomfort, lack, suffering. But you, Lord, my friend and my master, are greater than my heart. You come to live in my tent in the depths of my being. You don’t take anyone’s place, you expand my heart with your presence. Blessed are you. »

Time of silence.


ANIMATOR : Reading of Abraham’s hospitality (Gen 18:1-16).

Then, everyone takes turns approaching the tent prepared beforehand. Like Abraham, everyone takes the time to bow before the icon. Then, using a pitcher, he washes the hands of the person who comes behind him as a sign of welcome and returns to his place.

L HOST (OR ANOTHER PARTICIPANT) : “Thank you Lord for this brother, this sister who welcomes us in your name. Thank you for our sister, water. It washes and regenerates everything. And through baptism, it immerses us in the mystery of your love for us. Make our lives a tent of encounter and kindness for everyone and for this world. »


Accompanied by calm music, three people bring the three dishes, one of flour, the other of cottage cheese and the last of milk, and place them delicately at the entrance to the tent. We light a candle.

THE HOST TAKES THE DISH OF FLOUR: “Thank you Lord for the grains and seeds of this world on which we feed. They teach us with what generosity you come to renew the face of this Earth. And from these grains scattered throughout the world, you give birth to flour that will make our lives like good bread. We give thanks to you for our brothers and sisters, the small farmers and farmers. They tell us how difficult their job is. But also how wonderful their work is. Teach us to inhabit this Earth with them as sons and daughters of Abraham. »

THE HOST TAKES THE DISH OF MILK: “Blessed are you, Lord, for the milk you give us to feed our children. Like many other creatures with whom we share daily life, we too taste milk from our mother’s breast. And this food speaks to us of the tenderness of our families and the sweetness of this world. And the communion that you allow in this food that we share. We thank you for the work of our brothers and sisters, breeders, veterinarians and all those who transform this milk so that it can come and delight our table. Teach us to respect this precious food, while also respecting the creatures who share it with us. Teach us to live with them on this Earth as sons and daughters of Abraham.”

THE HOST TAKES THE DISH OF WHITE CHEESE: “Wonderful, Lord, is this white cheese that Abraham offered to his guests with the fatted veal. Because by inviting us to become good managers of this Earth, you teach us the art of nourishing ourselves, preserving our food and transforming it to expand our table. Since that time, so many cheeses have spoken to us about our cultures, our traditions, our know-how. Blessed are you for the work of your Holy Spirit who comes to make our lives creative, intelligent, humble. With the diversity of all peoples, teach us to inhabit this Earth as sons and daughters of Abraham. »


ANIMATOR : “I invite you to write down on paper what seems inhospitable to you today in this world. The part of violence which is also part of our daily life… Then you will come and place it silently in the basket at the bottom of the tent. »


A PRIEST OR THE LEADER GATHERS PRAYER: “Lord, since Abraham and Sarah, we have known that you come to visit our tents unexpectedly. Even more, you bring new life to them. Give us the confidence of Abraham and the amazed smile of Sarah. Keep our hearts open to the beauty of this Earth, to the silence of this moment, to the song of this bird, to the breathing of a child, to the squeezed hand of a friend or a sick person. Teach us to inhabit this Earth without rejecting, without refusing hospitality, without forgetting anyone. »

The Our Father and a song of praise close the meeting.

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