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Moroccan Sellou I Let’s explore Zamita (Sfouf)

Sellou, also called zamita, is a Moroccan culinary specialty that is very popular throughout the country. It is a dark brown powder made from a mixture of toasted flour, almonds, sesame, sugar, argan oil and other spices. Sellou is often served during religious holidays and celebrations such as Eid al-Fitr.

Origins of Moroccan sellou

Sellou is a dish that originated in the Fez region of Morocco, but is now popular throughout the country. It is traditionally prepared by the women of the family during the month of Ramadan.

It is now available all year round in markets and grocery stores.

Moroccan sellou ingredients

The basic ingredients of sellou are toasted flour, almonds, sugar, sesame and argan oil. However, each family has its own recipe and can add other ingredients. Such as nuts, dates, figs or cinnamon.

The amount of each ingredient also varies depending on personal preference and the region in which it is prepared.

Preparation of Moroccan sellou

Preparing sellou is a process that requires time and patience. The ingredients are first roasted over low heat to give a nutty flavor.

Then they are ground in a spice grinder to obtain a fine powder. This powder is then mixed with argan oil until it becomes slightly sticky.

Finally, sugar is added and the mixture is kneaded by hand until it becomes a uniform dough.

Sellou can be eaten as is or served with hot milk or mint tea. It can also be used as an ingredient in other Moroccan dishes such as sweet couscous or dried fruit tagine.

Moroccan zamita and health

Sellou is rich in nutrients and energy and is considered a healthy and nutritious snack. Almonds and sesame are an important source of protein and healthy fats. While argan oil is rich in essential fatty acids.

Sellou is also a source of complex carbohydrates that provides lasting energy, making it an ideal snack choice for athletes and active people.


Sellou is a delicious and nutritious Moroccan culinary specialty that is enjoyed throughout the country. It is a traditional dish of month of Ramadanbut it can be eaten all year round as a snack or ingredient in other Moroccan dishes.

Sellou is easily available in Moroccan markets and grocery stores and can also be prepared at home using a family recipe or following a recipe

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