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The judgment of the hunt during the pilgrimage

Pilgrimage in Islam is a sacred act which includes numerous rules and prescriptions… If this period is a time of contemplation and adoration, it is essential to know more. Let’s discover together the sources and the judgment relating to hunting during the pilgrimage!

What is Pilgrimage in Islam?

The pilgrimage, or Hajj, is in fact one of thefive pillars of Islam. It certainly constitutes a religious duty for any Muslim physically and financially capable of fulfilling it. The latter takes place once a year, during the month of Dhul-Hijjah. It includes a set of specific rites and practices, including visiting the holy places in Mecca, such as the Kaaba and the hill of As-Safa and Al-Marwah.

Can we hunt during the pilgrimage?

Do you know the judgment of hunting during the pilgrimage? This judgment is based on the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad salla Allahu alayhi wa salam and sacred religious writings. Indeed, the principles of preservation of life and respect for the sacredness of this religious act are at the heart of the teachings which govern hunting during the pilgrimage.

Muslims are required to adhere to these guidelines in an effort to preserve the integrity of the pilgrimage and demonstrate submission to divine will.

What animal can you hunt during the pilgrimage?

During the state of sacralization, certain animals are in fact allowed to be hunted, despite the sacred nature of this period. According to the teachings reported by Ibn Umar and Muslim, animals such as kite, the Scorpionthe mouse, the crow and the aggressive dog can be killed without contravening the principles of the sacredness of the pilgrimage. These specific requirements certainly aim to ensure the safety of pilgrims while maintaining the balance of the local ecosystem.

In conclusion, the judgment of hunting during the pilgrimage in Islam is framed by specific teachings. And this aims in particular to preserve the sacredness of this religious act.

Understanding the sources and rules relating to hunting during the pilgrimage is essential. Muslims who undertake this sacred journey must educate themselves about the teachings of Islam.

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