Our daughter's relationship broke up

Our daughter’s relationship broke up

The point of view of Marcel Rufo, child psychiatrist

Marion is not doing well, but fortunately you have maintained the link with her. Added to her fragility is the irregular situation of her new companion who risks being deported. These elements could lead the family court judge to entrust custody of the children to their father, which would undoubtedly worsen your daughter’s condition. In this context, it is important that you and your husband, Patricia, avoid talking to your grandchildren about the situation, bringing it up in their presence and, of course, taking sides. Try to distract them, so as to keep them away and protect them as much as possible from tension. When you say that Marion suffers from you continuing to see your son-in-law, I see the fear that this man, undoubtedly bruised by the breakup, will criticize her in your presence. Don’t judge her. For children, it is important that both parents are well received in your home, whatever the difficulties encountered. In addition to a calming and protective role with your grandchildren, your mission also consists of supporting Marion so that she seriously respects her psychological follow-up. It may not have a quick effect, but it is really essential.

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