Our selection of 3 novels that make you smile

Our selection of 3 novels that make you smile

Families of the 2020s

A golden era
by Titiou Lecoq

Ed. The Iconoclast, 396 p. ; €21.90.

“A step-parent is the fixed-term contract of parenthood. And again, the CDD is a clear status. The status of mother-in-law is floating, vague. You never know what you can legitimately demand, what you have the right to afford or not. » The tone is set from the first pages: energetic, familiar, spicy. Titiou Lecoq, 43-year-old journalist, blogger, feminist and keen observer of our contemporary morals, delivers a family comedy in the form of fireworks. It comes from all sides, with its failures – a text that is too crude is not necessarily good – its hilarious repartees and its poignant epiphanies which follow one another at an infernal pace.

Under the twirling pen of Titiou Lecoq, today's society has been put through the mill: new filial relationships, talk clubs, women's history, inclusion, machismo, ecology… A very funny and intelligent novel, to be offered to all working women aged 40 to 60, with blended families, attached to the future of the planet, who will easily recognize themselves in this barely caricatured portrait!

Muriel Fauriat

Our opinion: PP

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