participate in the reconstruction of the spire by sponsoring a stone

participate in the reconstruction of the spire by sponsoring a stone

To support the construction of the future spire of the Saint-Denis basilica, the Heritage Foundation launched an original fundraising campaign on Monday April 29.

“It was obvious that I was going to make a donation for the Saint-Denis basilica but this original initiative really excited me,” says Michaël Naulin. This thirty-year-old Parisian, originally from Les Sables d'Olonne (Vendée), is one of the participants in the fundraising campaign launched by the Heritage Foundation to rebuild the spire of the Saint-Denis basilica. This restoration has been under discussion for almost thirty years and it is finally coming to fruition.

The reconstruction of the spire of the Saint-Denis basilica will begin thanks to funding from communities and private funds. But the project is also counting on public patronage with the virtual purchase of the 15,000 stones that will make up the tower. This fundraiser, imagined by the Follow la Flèche association, aims to raise between 3.5 and 5 million euros via the sponsorship of a specific stone, chosen on the 3D digital modeling of the building.

“I spent two hours choosing my stone,” continues Michaël. “It was important for me to find one that suited me and that I could observe from the outside to be able to say to my loved ones “look, it’s the one I sponsored”. I chose the west facade which overlooks the square.” A feeling of pride and belonging that one does not find in a traditional fundraising campaign.

Donations between 15 and 1,500 euros

It only takes 15 euros to start investing in the stone of the necropolis of the kings of France. “For the price of a Netflix subscription, save the heritage! », jokes Michaël. However, you will have to spend at least 1,500 euros to access the most exceptional parts of the basilica, classified as a historic monument. Some counterparties even offer engraving on the physical stone. “The one at 400 euros is interesting. It gives access to a family visit to the basilica with its spire. It’s a fun way to interest children in architecture and show them how the basilica is built,” comments Michaël. All budgets and all desires will find something to suit them!

Depending on the amount of the donation, the association offers a set of stones from which the donor can draw. By clicking on one of them, you can find out more: its name, the way in which it is made… A fun way to interest donors, but not only that. “I find this approach full of meaning because it concretely unites the donor to the project and it allows them to reclaim the place. I know exactly what my donation was used for and I will follow the project even more diligently. »

Digital technology at the service of heritage preservation

Each donor receives a digital replica of their stone with certificate as well as an NFT (cryptographic certificate associated with a digital object (image, video, music, etc.) Editor’s note). An intelligent way to exploit NFTs and 3D graphic modeling which has never before been used for heritage. “I hope that smaller religious buildings, which suffer from lack of maintenance, will be inspired by this project,” comments Michaël.

Because beyond saving the prestigious heritage of the Basilica of Saint-Denis, sponsorship has the merit of arousing interest in the heritage that surrounds us. “After spending time choosing a stone based on its architectural interest, we naturally want to go further. We wonder about the heritage that is close to us, for example: “How is the church made in my grandparents' village?” It's a way of educating the eye and realizing how lucky we are, in France, to be surrounded by these architectural gems. »

Follow your stone throughout the project

Each donor will be able to follow the journey of their stone live on the construction site. Living not far from the basilica, Michaël has already planned to go there to follow the progress of the construction site but also to reconnect with this Catholic place which means a lot to him. “One of the most emblematic sites with Notre-Dame de Paris and the Sainte-Chapelle,” he explains.

Helping to finance the spire is also an opportunity to learn about its history. Culminating at 90 meters in height since the 12th century, the spire was dismantled stone by stone in 1847 after successive bad weather which had endangered the tower. This event deprived the basilica of its characteristic silhouette for more than 176 years. It should regain its spire in the fall of 2029.

Become a godfather or godmother of one of the 15,000 stones of the future spire of the Saint-Denis basilica

To support the project and virtually purchase your own stone, go to the Heritage Foundation website.

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