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Remove the evil eye with olive oil

In Islam, the evil eye is one of the real things we can protect ourselves against. There are indeed many ways to fight against this evil. Here, we will try to find out if we can remove the evil eye with olive oil.

Can you remove the evil eye with olive oil?

The evil eye occurs when we observe a person with envy and insistence. It can also reach a good, or even a being that belongs to the mineral, agricultural or even animal world. Allah notably mentioned the insistent look in the Quran referring to the disbelievers living during the time of His Messenger Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. We also find hadiths which justify the real nature of the evil eye.

However, there are many ways to protect yourself from this harm. We seek to know if in Islam, it is possible to remove the evil eye with olive oil. This liquid solution is obtained by maceration of this small edible fruit, which comes from olive TreeA blessed tree also mentioned in the word of Allah. There are also other conditions for making ruqya.

However, the Muslim must always have the firm conviction that Only Allah has the power to heal. The means to be implemented to treat oneself only represent causes. As for the purpose, namely healing, it comes exclusively from Allah.

Generally, people suffering from such ailment use a Koranized olive oil to take care of oneself. Indeed, it is one of the effective causes in the practice of legislated exorcism.

Removing the evil eye with olive oil: one of the many ways to perform ruqya

First of all, it should be emphasized the importance of protection against witchcraft or the evil eye in Islam. This reality presents a real danger since the Messenger of Allah ﷺ asked for protection against it. The believer is also required to implement practices made legislated by Allah and His Messenger ﷺ, under penalty of accomplishing innovations. However, these cause an alteration of the aqida undeniably.

Among the useful ways to combat the evil eye are:

taking refuge in Allah and asking for His protection from the envious. Allah mentions this evil in the Surah Al-Falaqone of the two protective surahs.

Piety, that is to say the fact of submitting to the orders of Allah and abandoning His prohibitions. In the Quran, Allah exhorts believers to demonstrate endurance and piety in order to guard against the harm of others.

Do not respond to evil with evil in order to obtain help from our Protector.

Place your absolute trust in Allah. This protects us from any evil that can reach us, including the evil eye.

To remove the evil eye with olive oil, simply carry out its Quranization. Indeed, the salaf salih had the habit of healing themselves through the Koran, which Allah made a means of healing.

Journey towards our Creator and be part of His most diligent servants in servitude and worship.

To repent sins and multiply pious acts.

Tawhid, or the best way to fight against evil

Finally, we find the means which encompasses and predominates all others: Tawhid or pure monotheism. You can therefore remove the evil eye with olive oil, provided you have a sincere intention.

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