Saint Joseph, a saint of everyday life

Saint Joseph, a saint of everyday life

Who is Saint Joseph?

Little is known about him, apart from the fragmentary sources of the New Testament, in the gospels of Luke and Matthew. Originally from Bethlehem, Joseph is a carpenter who lives and works in Nazareth, Palestine. Called “the Righteous” (Matthew 1, 19), he is a descendant of King David (Luke 2, 1-7). At God’s request, he agrees to marry Mary, a young virgin who grew up in the Temple in Jerusalem, but was already pregnant.

After the birth of Jesus, of whom he became the adoptive father, he left for Egypt with the Holy Family to flee King Herod. Joseph is mentioned for the last time during Jesus’ flight to the Temple (Luke 2:41-50).

A diligent worker, known by tradition for his gentleness and humility, he was also very talented. It is assumed that Joseph died just before Christ’s life of public preaching began. He would have died alongside Mary and her Son, which makes him the patron invoked for divine assistance at the hour of death, for a peaceful death with his loved ones.

When is Saint Joseph celebrated?

Since the 15th century, the month of March is dedicated to Saint Joseph. The first celebrations in honor of Joseph in the month of March, however, date back to the year 800. In 1621, Pope Gregory XV also established a special and very special solemnity on March 19.

The entire month of March is therefore dedicated to him and allows all the faithful through his intercession to come closer to Jesus. Accompanied in prayer by this saint, Catholics are called to reflect on their personal, socio-professional and emotional lives through the many virtues of this “just man”. Love of others, tenderness, obedience to God, welcome, courage, work, prayer or chastity of body and mind, among others. Since the proclamation of Blessed Pope Pius IX in 1870, Saint Joseph has also been the patron of the universal Church.

In 1955, Pope Pius XII also established the feast of Saint Joseph the artisan on May 1st.

Saint Joseph is therefore celebrated throughout the month of March, and more particularly on March 19 with the solemnity of Saint Joseph, but also on May 1, under the name of Saint Joseph the artisan.

The “Hail Joseph” prayer

“Hail Joseph,

You whom divine grace has filled.

The Savior rested in your arms and grew before your eyes.

Blessed are you among all men, and Jesus,

the divine Child of your virginal spouse is blessed.

Saint Joseph given as Father to the Son of God,

pray for us in our family, health and work concerns, until our last days,

and deign to help us in the hour of our death.

So be it.”

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