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Shooting Star in Islam | What the authentic texts say

What do you know about theshooting star in islam ? Let’s talk about this intriguing subject based on the word of Allah and the hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.

The Role of the Shooting Star in Islam

Summons surround the daily life of the believer, night and day. Regardless of the occasion, the Messenger of Allah taught many formulas to pronounce to his sahabas, in which we find the Names and Attributes of Allah. THE dhikr is one of the best ways to get closer to Allah, provided you demonstrate unwavering sincerity.

Most of the time, the shooting star Islam that we see in the sky is chasing the shayatine. The proof of this is found in verse 9 of the Surah Al-Jinn :

She follows him in an attempt to catch up with him. If she succeeds, she burns it. Otherwise, he reports the information he has heard to the sorcerer who, thus, claims to be able to predict the future, adding lies to it. Allah has also made the stars lamps that beautify the nearest sky, that is, the one above our heads.

In a hadith narrated by Muslim, the Messenger of Allah questioned the sahabas regarding the beliefs relating to the shooting star of Islam in the jahiliya. They replied that before the advent of Islam, they expressed the birth and death of two important men.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ therefore refuted this erroneous belief. Then, he declared that it is about Allah, when He decrees a thing, the angels who carry the Throne do the tesbih. Then, the people of the heavens do the tesbih, until they reach the lowest heaven. Finally, the jinn lend an ear in order to steal information and peddle it to their beloved ones. By this, we refer to sorcerers, soothsayers,…

Invocation to say when you see a shooting star islam

You certainly know the morning summons and evening. But do you know that there is a dua to pronounce when you see a shooting star Islam.

In a story, it is reported that Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with him, said:

اللَهُمَ صَوِّبهُ و أصِبْ بِهِ و أكْفِنا شَرَهُ

This formula allows us to ask Allah to direct the shooting star of Islam towards the jinn, to strike him and protect us against his evil.

We find this dua in the books relating the actions of day and night, in the Sunnan. This part reminds the Muslim what to say during the day and night. There is also the invocation to pronounce when you see a shooting star Islam.

Believe in the invisible

THE unseen world exists and is an integral part of Islamic belief. Indeed, the Muslim believes in Allah whom he does not see, in his angels… The shooting star in Islam demonstrates the existence of the jinns that it hunts. There are also other Signs which leave no doubt as to the existence of an invisible world.

Also remember that among the jinns, there are Muslims and non-believers. This imperceptible world fascinates. However, the Muslim must only rely on the information present in the Quran and the Sunnah.

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