Testimony of faith.  An untraceable mass

Testimony of faith. An untraceable mass

IT WAS BREAKFAST TIME, we were sitting on the grass, the weather was nice. To celebrate our baccalaureate, we had decided to go camping with eight – six friends, my sister and me – in the south of France, the first holidays without the parents! At a quarter to ten, while I spread jam on my toast, the village bells ring. I realize that it is Sunday, and that mass will soon begin! I look at my friends and realize that no one is moving. Clearly, they have no intention of interrupting their breakfast for this Sunday meeting. I see my sister getting up and, reluctantly, we give up our sandwiches and the sweetness of this moment, to slip into the tent to prepare ourselves before heading quickly towards the church. “It’s curious, there is no one! my sister told me. As we approach, we discover a poster on the facade: “In July and August, mass is celebrated in the pine forest. »

Without really knowing where to go, we enter the undergrowth bordering the village. We are moving fast, the clock is ticking. In the middle of nowhere, after having wandered for a good quarter of an hour on different paths, I feel my nervousness growing. I look at my watch: 10:20 a.m. I abruptly sit down on the floor and say to my sister: “There’s no point in searching anymore, it’s too late anyway. Very angry, I cry out to myself: “Lord, it is well worth it. We went out of our way to find you, we left our friends when we wanted to stay with them, and you do nothing to help us. No sooner have I thought these words than a woman appears on the path, accompanied by a little girl. She greets us. Without thinking, I said to him: “Excuse me, do you know where the mass takes place? She replies: “I’m going there with my daughter, follow us!” Ten minutes later, we found the assembly of the faithful. The celebration was just about to begin because, contrary to the schedule posted on the wall of the church, it started at 10:30 am! Reading this story again, I understand that for the first time, far from my family, I made the choice of an adult Christian by deciding to go to mass despite the temptation to stay with friends… And that the Lord answered here.

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