Discover the prayer of the hours

Discover the prayer of the hours

“A moment that connects me to praying people around the world”

“It was my father who introduced me to the Liturgy of the Hours which he recited regularly. The universality of this prayer is important to me. When I pray, I am aware that millions of people around the world recite the same thing: religious, laity, monks… On the other hand, with the liturgy of the hours, I know where I am going, because it always takes place in the same way: a hymn, three psalms, a short text (almost always a piece of epistle from Saint Paul), then an evangelical canticle (in the morning, the Canticle of Zechariah and, in the evening, the Magnificat), an inter cession (prayer intention), the Our Father and, finally, a prayer of conclusion.

The prayer of the hours is repeated every four weeks. Also, the psalms that I say today, I will say again in a month.

This repetition is important.

She allowed me, little by little, to know psalms by heart. So, I sometimes keep in my head, throughout the day, a sentence that speaks to me. Being faithful to the liturgy of the hours sometimes represents a little effort, but I like this way of punctuating the day.

It brings me the regularity of a prayer, a little ritualistic, very structured, which channels thoughts and allows me to enter into communion with the Church. In the morning, I am happy to start my day praising the Lord with lauds. “.

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