the donativo, welcoming places symbol of generosity on the paths

the donativo, welcoming places symbol of generosity on the paths

So that these donative may exist, it is important to remember that donation does not mean “free”. “Many hostels donative are closed and some are on the verge of closing because of this confusion, laments Matteo. Donative means I give to you, you give to me.

Even if participation is free, we must not forget that behind this operation, there are volunteers who, thanks to donations, keep these reception places alive.

The volunteers, hospitable with big hearts

The hospital workers, mainly pilgrims, chose to devote their free time to welcoming the walkers. Their role is to ensure the proper functioning of these accommodations, and open their doors to passing travelers every day.

To give a helping hand to these generous hosts, pilgrims can help prepare dinner.
This is the case in the parish hostel of Santiago El Real, located in Logroño. Inaugurated in 2007, this hostel, attached to the Santiago El Real church, welcomes pilgrims all year round. The two hosts offer guests who wish to show off their cooking skills. The meal is then shared around a large table. As for the dishes, everyone gets involved.
On the Camino Frances, in the Hospital de San Nicolás de Puente Fitero, managed by the San Jacopo di Compostela brotherhood of Perugia, pilgrims share a candlelight dinner and can participate in a very ancient traditional washing ceremony feet.

Whatever the case, the pilgrim will always be welcomed in a place offering a comfortable bed, a shower, a meal, and often even a breakfast.

Emblematic refuges on the roads to Compostela, the donative are much more than just stopping places for pilgrims. Symbol of a warm welcome, generosity and mutual aid, they illustrate the values ​​deeply anchored in the spirit of the path, and make the uniqueness and richness of these trails.

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