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The last sermon of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

No believer can remain indifferent to the last speech of the best of men that this present life has experienced. The last sermon of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is as touching, moving and extremely rich in lessons. We’re telling you about the last speech of the best of men right now.

The Last Sermon of the Prophet Muhammad : the context

First of all, regarding this last speech, you should know that it was held in the sacred place of Mecca. Precisely while the noble prophet performs his Hajj, which is also his first as well as his last.

So, it is on Mount Arafat, in the year 10 AH, particularly during the 9th day of the month of Dhul Hijjah, that the faithful will attend this last public speech of the prophet ﷺ. Before The Almighty calls him back.

The Last Sermon of the Prophet Muhammad : all touched by the beauty of the text

It was therefore shortly before his death that the Messenger of Allah addressed these words which are like a treasure. In fact, it is of a speech certainly addressed to the faithful present at the time but which concerns all humanityjust like the entire religion of Allah the Exalted.

Only the particularity of this speech is that it is not just a reminder. Indeed, it also includesan important and notable warning. That of the end of the prophetic mission in particular.

This speech exhorts us in an incomparable way and projects us as if we were present at that moment.

The weight of words, both in their meaning and in what they represent in the life of the Muslim, inevitably touches us.

We warmly invite you to discover the last sermon of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ now. For, through him, you will confirm and support the natural love that each of us, believers, has towards our prophet .

Another speech that makes our love grow

Every word, every behavior, every action of our prophet ﷺ makes our love grow. As well as our deep respect for him, without a doubt.

So, reading his last words, we can only be overwhelmed by the importance of his words as much as the timelessness of them. Don’t miss reading these very important words for the heart of every Muslim.

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