“The little French paths are full of treasures”

“The little French paths are full of treasures”

What experience do you have of rural roads?

The black paths are real secret passages that lead to heritage treasures. I often got lost on these little routes: each time, I discovered old calvaries, menhirs… I take great pride in it, I feel privileged. I try to maintain the same relationship with my country as with a friend. To do this, you have to accept getting lost, not getting impatient in order to understand your roots and your history.

You are mainly targeting a young audience. Why talk to them about heritage preservation?

I am driven by a duty to transmit. Young people must become aware of how lucky they are to live in France and the crucial importance of protecting heritage. Walking has the incredible ability to occupy the body and free the mind. On the paths, we have so much to learn. Many people seek the exotic thousands of kilometers away, but going back up the production chain of our baguette is, for me, an adventure just as exhilarating and full of lessons!

What guides you in the field?

I am a believer and my faith helps me to contemplate and marvel at the beauty of Creation. But on social networks, I am followed by a very large audience: the preservation of natural heritage is the denominator that brings us together.

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