Three ways to clean up nature during the fall

Three ways to clean up nature during the fall

The challenge

In principle, nature does not need the hand of man to recover. But when human activities have degraded or transformed the ecosystem and it is no longer in balance, a helping hand may be necessary.

Autumn is the ideal season for this. Indeed, nature goes into “dormancy”: the leaves fall, the sap no longer rises in the trees.

Furthermore, the woods or thickets are no longer populated with nests or newborn animals… It is time to remove waste from wetlands that prevents the proper flow of water and increases the risk of flooding.

Or the brambles and woody trees which invade the woods and encourage the spread of summer fires. These actions can be carried out individually, on private land, or in a collective and organized manner. From September to December, the natural area conservancies (read the box below at the end of the article ), as well as several associations offering numerous “fall projects”. A friendly opportunity to get some fresh air while feeling useful.

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