Chef Norbert Tarayre publishes a book of inexpensive and family recipes

Chef Norbert Tarayre publishes a book of inexpensive and family recipes

You publish Head of Family. Make our mouths water…

This book will support readers who want to cook for their loved ones on a daily basis. Novices or experienced, they will travel into a world of flavors and discover new dishes that are fun to prepare. And they will be able to draw inspiration from step-by-step images, more realistic than polished.

How does this work stand out from your previous ones?

By the maturity and family spirit it exudes! With Covid, we spent time locked up.

During this period, I was more head of the family than chef and I imagined this work as a father.

Are your four children as demanding as your clients?

Much more! Cooking every day for customers is ultimately simple: the restaurant menu remains the same for three months.

But preparing a meal every evening for your children, with different tastes, is something else! Not to mention his own day, which leaves more or less energy.

The person who matters most in your family?

My children. They didn’t ask to come into this world, I have to be there for them. Once I have helped them get on the path they have chosen, I will open a small café. Without seeking notoriety, I will end my career quietly. Television takes you away from real life, makes you egocentric… I became aware of this at the age of 40.

A landmark in your life?

The covered markets I grew up in. Among the hawkers and shopkeepers, I am in my element.

The Proust madeleine from your childhood?

The scales on the fingers of my father, a fishmonger. Sometimes, with the tip of a knife or with my nail, I removed those which had escaped, despite washing.

What would you cook for Pope Francis?

Sunday roast and mash, with a well for the juice.

You are offered immortality. Do you sign?

No, because the interest of life lies in the personal story that we write and transmit. The people who love you tell it after you.

There must be an end to every story.

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