Top 10 des divinités amérindiennes

Top 10 Native American Deities

The Christianization of the territory of native american tribes seems to have no effect on their cultures. They still accept the Christian God as one of the Inuit spirits. For the tribes in North America, it is a Supreme Being who created this world, but he delegated his powers to other beings and elements. In this culture, the Earth, the Sky, the Sun, the Moon and other natural elements such as rain, wind and lightning are also considered as divinity. The Native American population also believes in a universal dualism that opposes forces, gods and sexes. It can evoke figures of the civilizing hero who guides humanity and figures of the deceiver on whom fantasies are projected and on whom taboos are evacuated. To get in touch with the godswe call on the shamans while doing ceremonial rites like the Plains Peace Pipe.

Of the cultures that were born in Mesoamerica, there remain only lapidary vestiges and a few pictograms that we do not always understand. In any case, these elements like the feathered serpentthere water goddess where the mayan god of fire refer to myths and cults. It should also be noted that in this Mesoamerican culture, on the one hand there are beneficent gods such as the Aztec god of rain and on the other hand, evil deities like the storm.

In the South American mythology, we have more or less local beliefs. However, regardless of location, we have a Creator God, but its name and representation are varied. As in the tribes in North America, we also have other deities like the Kokopelli god, the opposition between the divine forces, the seasons and the sexes. Among the most famous representations, we have the sun, the moon, the Jaguar or the puma.

Here are the Native American zodiac signs and their meanings

In the native american culture, there are several iconic animals that each have a symbolic representation. They are the ones who make up their zodiac. Each person has an animal associated with them at birth. Depending on the sign, some go so far as to choose a native american name.

There otter

If you were born between January 20 and February 18, your spirit animal is the otter. This animal is not common, because it has an overflowing imagination and remarkable intelligence. It presents “unconventional” methods which are not always accepted by the outside world, but which remain effective. This is its main advantage. The person born under this sign is very attentive, but has some faults. It can be rebellious, isolated, direct and obscene.

The wolf

The wolf is the animal associated with those who have a birth date between February 19 and March 20. This animal is the lover of the zodiac and it is not the most understanding of animals. He understands that each being needs love and he can perfectly meet this expectation. He still claims his freedom, hence the image of the “lonely” wolf. He can then be both affectionate, generous and gentle and recalcitrant, obsessive and vindictive.

The Falcon

The period from March 21 to April 19 is associated with the falcon in the Native American zodiac. This animal is distinguished by its natural leader side. The person born under this sign is given the title of “guide”, because he can bring you his point of view in an objective way. He is also someone who does not waste his time and who is always persistent. He reacts when necessary with a note of “tolerable” arrogance and he doesn’t really know patience.

The Beaver


The beaver is the animal of the native american zodiac from April 20 to May 20. He leads his life by respecting his motto “taking charge, adapting and surpassing himself”. When he performs a task, he applies himself and does not let go until he gets to the end. Cunning is a strength for him, and he uses it. If you have a beaver in front of you, you have to think twice before confronting it: it manages so that it can lead the dance in every situation. The beaver is associated with certain faults such as possessiveness, arrogance, nervousness and demandingness.

The deer

In this Native American zodiac, the deer is his muse and he is associated with people who were born from May 21 to June 20. These people are a source of inspiration for those around him and they bring their mind sharpened in certain situations. The deer has a sense of humor and has no difficulty communicating with others. We can even say that his involvement is sometimes disturbing. Next to his intelligence natural, he can sometimes be selfish, impatient and can show another face with his bad mood.

The Green Peak


In the Native American zodiac, people with a birth date between June 21 and July 21 are green peaks. This animal is very attentive and he is always present for his loved ones to support them. Naturally caring, romantic and devoted, the “green woodpecker” person can be possessive, jealous, resentful and even angry. In everyday life, she is thrifty, resourceful and organization is her strong point.

The salmon


If you were born between July 22 and August 21, you are a salmon in this zodiac. At a party, the salmon is the kind of person who is enthusiastic, motivated and displays wild ideas. Without having the side of a natural leader, he still manages to impose ideas that always work. With all this sociability, the Salmon can be selfish, vulgar at times, and may not even be tolerant of others. Towards those around him, he is generous and displays incomparable stability.

The Bear


The date of birth falling between August 22 and September 21 is associated with thebear. The main characters of this animal are pragmatism, generosity and balance. In a complex situation, the person born under this sign tends to moderate and help. Even if he can be indispensable, he can display a shy air and he is also very modest. Patience is an element he knows well. When the bear finds himself alone, he can be skeptical, lazy, introverted and solitary.

The crow


The crow is the Native American zodiac sign assigned to people born between September 22 and October 22. He is a charming animal and a born entrepreneur. This is the type of person to turn to when you need ideas and opinions. He will be able to expose them in a diplomatic and idealistic way. Towards his entourage and loved ones, he can be sociable, even romantic. When he embarks on a personal project, he is very demanding.

The snake

Between October 23 and November 22, the Native American zodiac animal is the snake. In spirituality, it is not a simple animal, it is a natural element. Most shamans are born under this sign, which explains their ” spiritual leader ” natural. The “snakes” also excel in the medical field. They are very attentive people and they will never expose their lives to you. They have a mysterious and sometimes frightening side. When you know this type of person well, you can see their sensitive and caring side. The snake is not an animal that supports loneliness. In this situation, he can very quickly become discouraged, become violent and he is more prone to abnormal mood swings.

The owl

The owl is the sign worn by people born between November 23 and December 21. Because of its friendliness and naturalness, it’s the kind of friend we all want to have. Very easygoing, the owl is an animal that adapts to all situations and can even be adventurous. His reckless, negligent and thoughtless character is not favorable to him in the exercise of a profession that requires rigor. Among his qualities, we have sensitivity, listening and enthusiasm and in the list of his faults, we have excessiveness.

The Goose


A date of birth between December 22 and January 19 belongs to the sign of the goose. People under this sign are persevering, tenacious and ambitious, which explains their success in projects. Moreover, for them, success is very important and they can go for it without the approval of others. The goose excels in any activity, as long as it has the support of those around it and those close to it. Passionate, the goose can very quickly switch to obsession.

Native American Shamanism

Shamanism, the oldest spirituality, is a system of magical or spiritual practices which they make the exclusive “religion”. It unites the elements and the teaching is given by the spirits. In Native American culture, we still have shamanism. The shaman is considered the messenger of old, because it ensures the connection with the world of the Spirits, of the beyond. We can say that he is at the same time a medium, a magnetizer and a scholar. In Native American culture, he may be a village doctor, priest, psychologist, or counselor. He is endowed with a strength of character and extreme sensitivity.

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